Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud to be an American

Last night, democracy spoke and proclaimed Barack Obama as the new president. In most elections I attempt to find the positive in all candidates. I have no intention on turning into someone full of hate and loathing if my candidate of choice is not elected.

It was no secret that I was pulling for McCain so clearly my reaction was not in the similitude of one, Jesse Jackson. But...

Nevertheless, I did not throw myself down on the floor in a conniption after the official declaration was made that Obama won.
I did not examine my finances and living situation to see if I could move out of the country.
I am not going to buy up guns this week in fear that now they will be much harder to acquire.
I didn't run on the bank.
I haven't started practicing calling everyone "comrade."
I didn't cry.
I am not going to petition to the State of North Carolina and all other members of the Solid South to secede from the Union (although people do keep comparing Obama to Lincoln, hm....)
I am still going to write my letters to my State's representatives to get tickets to the inauguration.

Although, I AM concerned. During the campaigning, I saw a man that was very charismatic and very poised. After every speech, to include the one last night, I accepted what a fantastic speaker Barack is. I am concerned because I still feel that Obama won over Americans more with his charisma and poise than his policies. Last night, when he spoke from Chicago, I agreed with what he said, as I'm sure most Americans would. He spoke of unity, progress, self-reliance and liberty. Now that he is elected, I am anxious (in a good way), to see how he is going to bring those things about. Obama spoke a lot to the emotions of the people. Now it's time to give us the substance to warrant those emotions.

Over the next four years, I want to be proven wrong. I don't want to be skeptical and want my concerns to be put to rest. I want to see a President prove himself worthy of America's vote. I also want to see people make changes in their own lives and not rely on government to fix the world. Our individual happiness does not depend on our nation's leaders. I want to see people accept responsibility instead of pointing fingers at where the blame should fall and using that as a crutch to justify our plights. Most importantly, I hope to see Americans take it upon themselves to preserve the family unit with more effort and conviction than they ever have before. We are in time where that priority is not high on the list of the majority of our nation's leaders.

And lastly, I want to see a picture of Barack Obama, my new president, without the pensive, staring off in the distance pose. Is there no photographer out there that can capture him looking directly at the camera?


  1. You're lastly had me rollin! That is so ture! Can we get a candid shot of that man? Or at least one where his eyes are looking straight into the camera.

  2. All so true (especially the last paragraph!)! You're so right. A lot of his win was his charismatic speeches and people's hatred for Bush and anything that walked or talked like him. I'm so disappointed in NC!!!

    Can I quote you on my blog?

  3. Haha! Sure thing Brookie! Just as long as it's in a positive light ;)


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