Monday, October 20, 2008

Apartment Creations

Last weekend my roommate and I threw a house-warming party of sorts. Since it's not really a house, just an apartment, it was mainly just an excuse to throw a party and meet the new people in the area. We wanted to do something a little more interesting than just the usual goodies so we bought an IN-credible cookbook full of creative ways to decorate cupcakes. We opted for the ones that were Halloween/Fall-ish themed.

The first ones are owls using Oreos and Junior Mints with chocolate cupcakes with Milky Ways inside. The pumpkins are pumpkin spice cupcakes, cream cheese frosting, with green and orange Twizzlers. The last ones (my favorite) were butter pecan cupcakes, butter cream frosting, with melting chocolate and M&Ms to make the bugs.

Prior to the party I was asking a woman I work with for some advice on candy stores around the area. I told her what we were doing with the candy and her response was, "Oh! That's so cute! You girls are going to be such good moms!" Awesome.

The very last picture is of some wall decals in the apartment. I've seen wall decals in various stores and magazines but didn't feel like paying the $50+ for them so I decided to make them myself. I looked up an easy and really inexpensive way to do it and went to it. There's a lot of detail on how to do it so if you want more info, just ask. It was rather time consuming.

I love projec
ts. I need to do more of them, especially when I can eat them.


  1. Awww you guys WILL be good moms lol. Love the cupcakes they're really fun. And I really like your wall decal! That is totally awesome looking. Where did you find the instructions to do it?

  2. Those cupcakes are too cute! I hope you guys met lots of cool Durhamites! That wall decal is amazing!

  3. Props to the wall decal. I've seen those done before and I really like them. Yours looks great.

  4. Okay - not that i have time, but I totally want to know how you did that wall decal. It looks great! and I totally want to do one.
    Your party looked like fun, and the cupcakes look great!!

  5. I miss our cooking days of yore. What are you going to be for Halloween?


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