Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Adventures

The past few weekends I've been quite busy. I don't usually make posts full of pictures but I've decided to put up a few from recent outtings.

Our group in front of the fountains at Kings Dominion. It kind of rained most of the day. Nothing too terrible. The best part was that the weather kept a lot of people away and the lines were so short!

Stephanie, Cassie and I went on the Sky Flyer. It was amazing. I did it once before in high school but I don't remember it being as high as this one. I got nominated as the one to pull the rip-cord at the top. There is nothing like being suspended 160 feet in the air and staring facedown to the ground and knowing that I have the control of releasing us into a freefall. I nearly wet my pants. But Steph, Cassie and I are very proud of ourselves for doing it.

Last weekend a group of us spent the day at a paintball course. My friends look so intense don't they? They're actually smiling under the scary masks. This was before we started and everyone was still happy and mud- and paint-free. I only got two wounds that bled this time.

Poor Jericho. This is what happens when two boys go Rambo on each other's helmets. The other guy looked just as bad. (Jericho made sure I pointed that out)

Following the paintball activity, we did an awesome activity for a couple friends' birthdays. We did a photo scavenger hunt. We were split into groups and given a list of 21 "things" that we had to find/create and take a picture of. We all gathered back at the apartment and compared photos. It was one of the most fun things I've done in this city in a while. The above picture is my group's photo for "can we all fit". In case you can't tell, we're in a display shower at Home Depot.

This past weekend I took Jericho to see Jerry Seinfeld at Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh. (This isn't my photo. We weren't THAT close). I bought the tickets for him for his birthday. It was really great seeing him live! We both thought he acted a little tipsy at first (it was his second show of the night) but he was still the hilarious Jerry Seinfeld we'd expected. We went to dinner beforehand at my new favorite sushi restaurant downtown. So yummy!!

The next day/night we went with a group of friends to the NC State/Wake Forest football game. Every time I go to any live game I'm always reminded how much I LOVE sporting events. It was a great game, even though I'm not especially a State fan.


  1. Boo. I didn't get to do any of this.

  2. I had to pull the rip cord last month when I rode this ride at Six Flags. There were three of us - on a boy - and I had to pull the cord. Oh man... I understand the 'wetting your pants' comment. Not literally of course.

  3. Oh fun! It's nice to see Jericho again and it looks like you guys are having a good time together.


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