Monday, July 1, 2013

Mommy Q&A

I've only been a mom for a whopping 23 months. I've been a double-mom for 10 of those months. I still feel very new at this ballgame. I continually reference books and websites for answers to questions. I learned when I was pregnant that the best resource is other moms with tried and true experience. You can always find a mom to answer your questions and, more importantly, you can always find a mom that makes you feel better when you feel like you totally suck and want to run away.

The following are a few questions I've thought about recently. Some are actually worth while. Some are just because I'm curious and hope I'm not the only one that any of these apply. [Note I didn't ask: "Have you ever spent 3 days straight in your pajamas?", because I really don't want to know the answer]. Instead of searching aimlessly through questionable authorities online, I thought I'd hit up the amazing moms I know, or I know through social networking that may also see this and chime in with their knowledge.

You may answer with "anonymous" if you wish but know this is a safe space. No judgments. You all rock the socks off of parenting even if you don't feel like it.

1) What is the worst injury you've sustained from one of your children?

2) What is the most expensive thing your child has damaged/destroyed/eaten/flushed down the toilet?

3) How messy have you let your house get because you honestly stopped caring?

4) At what age did you start doing time-outs, or other forms of discipline? Did it work?

5) When did you successfully break your baby from using a pacifier?

6) When do your children start to listen to you and do what you say? Ever? EVER!?

7) Do you have a mommy-only-hiding place in your house?
[your secret is safe with me]

8) How do you get anything done when you have children that ransack your house at every opportunity? How hard do you have to work for any semblance of productivity?*

9) Do you ever stop being completely smitten by your children when you see the sleeping? Is it a least before it starts being creepy?

*this one is particularly daunting to me right now. i try to read, they attack me. i try to do projects, they destroy the house. i try to do dishes or cook, they pull stuff out of the dishwasher or the freezer. i could go on, and on, and on. this might help explain my aforementioned pajama issue.

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