Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beautiful temple and lots and lots of snow

Last weekend I made the long-awaited trip back to Rexburg. Trevor and I have been "planning" this trip for some time then suddenly decided to splurge! and buy our tickets about a month ago. Our main purpose for going now was to go to the temple open house. We managed to see some old friends and eat at our old favorite places in a short weekend. I also got to stay a night with Scotty and his family. They are so fun and it's so good to see the babies and help them remember who I am.
Here are some of the pics from the trip. Both Trevor and I noted that even though cosmetically the campus has changed, the spirit is still the same. Being there reminded me of the wonderful experiences and growth I had while I was there. I made amazing friends and learned so much about life. BYU-I is truly a wonderful school. I remember hearing Pres Bednar and Pres Eyring testify to the great things this school and the people that attended it were meant to accomplish.
The temple was incredible! We went through the open house on Friday. I love learning about temples and the basic principles of temple work that make the gospel so beautiful. I have had some wonderful experiences in various temples and was grateful I got to add the Rexburg temple to those. I really know that the people of Rexburg and the kids that go to school up there will really be blessed because of their testimonies and the wonderful temple.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where I'm From

I had a lot fun writing this. I don't take credit for the structure - it's an outline... so if any of yall want to know how to do this, let me know.

I am from a Kool-aid-less childhood, Skippy hearts and a cheese-filled mouse.

I am from a lighting-struck palm tree and monster sledding hills, from a five over four and a door with shared bedrooms and a nearly sold ranch.

I am from cacti and ant inhabited peonies, world famous tomatoes and gooey butter cake, pruned monkey grass and the city of oaks.

I am from the Blue Ridge Café, patchwork quilts of oak trees and Five Crowns of laughter, from Chuck Norris and Charlotte, Staffieris and Thompsons and possibly Prince Edward Island.

I am from the tears through laughter and laughter through tears, from unfinished projects and never missed manifestations of talent and accomplishments.

From shadows on the eclipsed moon, untied shoelaces, talk time and lavender soap from a misquoted doll.

I am from the way the truth and the life, from a world of eternity, hope and faith, pure love and living water.

I'm from the desert of Italy and English Canadia, Sunday Pastas and Pizza Fridays.

From a West Chester Accountant who shares my humor and eyes, a persevering Philadelphian who gave me my hair and legs, a German-speaking entertainer who will always be my example, a Bon Jovi Metallica tutor, and a teammate, father, best friend, and relationship consultant.

I am from snapshots of love and memories, values and encouragement, framing and looking inward on the snapshots that will continue on for eternity.

Monday, January 21, 2008


In case some of you aren't aware... I have decided to move back in with my parents. My roommates and I decided that we'd been in the house for a while and it seemed like a good change time for all of us. I am looking forward to moving in with my parents for a while. My sister comes home from the mission in March so it'll be fun to live with her as well before she goes back off to college.

This past weekend I've been packing up all my stuff (12 boxes just for books... I'm so proud) and transferring over to the parents'. So far, all that is left is the stuff I'm currently using and all the big ugly annoying stuff, like my giant television. I'm excited to move my TV in with me to my bedroom at my parents' house. I finally get my childhood dream of having my own TV in my room. Since my sister will be moving back in as well and my parents have rearranged the house a bit since the last time I lived there, I will be moving into my brother's old room instead of my old room, which is now my sister's old room. I get the basement "apartment" complete with my own kitchen and downstairs entrance so I can sneak people in and out for all my private parties.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sushi and sexy swearing Irishmen

While I was in Vegas, I was introduced to real sushi by my awesome friend Jess. Up until this point, my only exposure to sushi was from Harris Teeter or watching my mother make it when she was in her health food phase during my childhood. My experience at Sumo in Vegas was very educational. I learned all about the varying types of fish and sauces and names. Also very importantly, that if you sit at the bar, you're expected to a) tip very well b) keep buying your sushi-ist (that's a technical term) shots of asian liquor and c) if you have weed stashed in the car, please invite your sushi-ist to partake out by the dumpster. We clearly were not very good bar-eaters since we were 0-3 in the bar expectations. Nonetheless, the sushi was A-mazing.

On my newfound sushi love quest, a group of friends and me ate at Waraji in Raleigh for dinner this past Friday night. While there was no superb tipping, shots or weed, it was still very good. I don't remember the cool names of anything we ate but it was all very pretty and colorful and fun to eat. I am proud to say that I have now eaten raw fish.

Later in the evening, we saw the movie P.S. I Love You. I'd read reviews on the movie and heard it was quite the tear-jerker, which I'm not a huge fan of, but heard it was good anyway. I also knew that Gerard Butler was the male lead (whom I've had a recent dream about without even really knowing who he was. I feel this means that our lives are destined to intertwine somehow so I owe it to him to get to know him through his movies). I was skeptical of Hillary Swank. I never knew her to be successful in a chick flick, just as a chick boxer. Also seeing Gerard Butler as King Leonidas in 300, I wasn't sure how he'd take to the romantic comedy. Overall, I liked the movie. Hillary swank was cute and fun and apparently sexy spartan kings can also be romantic. It portrayed a lot of real, human emotions without getting overly sappy. I was satisfied with the ending, although some may not be (I'm leaving this vague so I don't spoil it for anyone). We all love Denny and Denny as a guitar playing Irishman was a great touch to the movie. Lisa Kudrow's character is fabulous. The soundtrack was great. Many acoustic ballads and, of course, Flogging Molly. Both Hillary and Gerard sing during the movie but unfortunately not on the actual soundtrack. I may not purchase the movie, but maybe the soundtrack.

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