Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sucking Face 101

I have had numerous conversations with people about what, in their opinion, makes someone a bad kisser. Clearly everyone is different and prefers/dislikes certain things. But overall, I would say that for most people, kissing is pretty fab. You may even get those electrifying kisses that leave you on the doorstep bracing for stability as you try to remember where your feet are. But every once in a while,we encounter someone that is a little (or a lot) less than favorable in the lip-locking department.

There is great anticipation
in kissing someone new. You never really know what to expect. You
may have really wanted to kiss this person, but wham! they end up leaving your face feeling like a dog's chew-toy. The romance of the situation is now a deflating balloon and you find yourself wondering if maybe they have a cute best friend. Or if you like them enough, take them on as a student and teach them the ways of the maestro (because clearly, it's never US that has the handicap right?). Or if they are a complete moron, just anonymously email them this article.

As with most things in life, we must take the good with the bad in order to truly appreciate the good
. And so it shall also be with kissing. I randomly came across these comics today on types of bad kissers and knew I needed to share them with the blogging world. If you find yourself pondering too long about whether or not you commit any of these blunders, then you are probably guilty. Whether it's a hoover, the copy-cat, a biter, a licker, or just flat out boring, one thing is for sure, they all make for great stories to tell your friends (with complete omission of names, of course).


  1. LOL! The comics are great. My ex and I came up with this philosophy once upon a time...There are no bad kissers, only people that aren't compatable kissers. I like that thought because then people that suck at kissing are bound to find someone to accept them.

  2. I disagree about there being no bad kissers. Not only have I kissed a bad kisser once upon a time (and it was totally one of the grossest experiences of my life), but I used to be a bad kisser. Not that my technique was bad, but it was just that I was inexperienced, and therefore I had no technique. Thankfully, I had a maestro teach me a lesson or two.


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