Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My other blog

For the past few months I've been working on a second blog. I still love this one just as much as my new one. There will be no favoritism. My love can be divided equally between the two. I've been dragging my feet because I never feel like it's "launch" ready. I will still continue to tweak it and add new things but I think it's finally at a stage to be publicized. Plus with it public, I'm forced to work on it.

I've been doing a lot of health and fitness research for a while now and decided it might be a fun idea to start putting it together in blog format. I also decided that it was time to give my food and recipe postings their own place to shine. I've always had the idea to do a food blog but never thought my stuff was substantial enough to necessitate a blog all to itself. So I'm combining the two ideas into one! I present: 

[click on me]
I chose this particular title because I feel it captures my attitude towards food and dieting and exercise: that being healthy 100% of the time is boring. Good health is important but let's not get radical about it. I am by no means an authority on cooking or health and fitness but I'm striving to learn as much as I can. I know how it is to research topics and be completely overwhelmed with new information. I hope to be able to sift through for precious pearls on foody living so you don't have to!

How does that sound? Boring? Enthralling? Blasé? Meh. We'll see...

[Special shout out to Mary's design skills for assisting me in fine-tuning my new layout.]

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Holga Love

I *finally* got back my Holga pictures that I left at Wolf Camera. Remember how it took 2 months to get the ones back from Wal-Mart? These didn't take 2 months but they cost me an obscene amount of money to get them developed and put on a disc. This development trip cost me more money than the actual camera. Thanks for the heads up Wolf Camera. Needless to say, I will be investigating cheaper ways to develop my Holga pics. Regardless of how expensive they were, I love them. Here are a few from the two rolls. [The photos are actually square but Blogger doesn't like to reflect that. No matter how hard I try.]

[port at Cayman. that's our snorkel guide]

[beach club dock]

[Streets at Southpoint Mall]

 [Carolina Beach]

[Carolina Beach]

[Pier at Carolina Beach]

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Things

June has been a big month. Part of its bigness involved a move. Part of the move involved canceling our cable/internet service at the apartment and transferring it to the new house. Part of this transferring means waiting until Friday [the 18th] until we have cable/internet. This means that for three more days, I cannot update on all the newness. I would use my work computer [as I am right now] but there is too much and too many pictures to allow me to use up my precious work time. So sometime after Friday, I make a promise to my blog that I will post on the following topics [as well as any and all that I may be forgetting at this point in time]:

1) the move
2) the house
3) the new blog (!) 
4) my awesome husband

In the meantime, I hope you all cheer on the USA soccer team in the World Cup. U-S-A! U-S-A! 

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