Sunday, November 22, 2009

I half-heart Twilight

This weekend I saw New Moon, the second movie in the Twilight series. This isn't so much of a review of the movie as a defense of my dignity. I like Twilight. I do. I read the books a few years ago when they first came out (thanks to recommendations from my mama and SIL-Elisa). But that's it. I like Twilight.

I saw the Twilight movie when it came out. Now I have seen New Moon. I went to both movies on opening night. Not because holding out seeing it beyond opening day would throw me into a conniption, but mainly because I like to people-watch the crazy obsessed fans. Have you seen these people??!! (I would say "girls" but as I learned at my viewing on Friday night, teenage boys are also developing crushes on the actors). They scream in the theater. They dress up like vampires. They (grown women) wear underwear with characters names on them. They get Twilight tattoos. I'll be honest, I kind of turn my nose up at them in an air of "I like Twilight but am better than you because I still have a firm grasp on reality." I guess it's just not my personality to become that emotionally attached to a book/movie/actor/anything beyond the real people in my real life.

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If there is something I don't agree with and don't understand, it's typically because I'm not informed enough on the given topic to really know what the deal is. So I don't worry about. In this case, I HAVE read the Twilight books and seen the  movies but yet still fail to understand the unhealthy, annoying obsession that girls have with Twilight. And it's not just girls. It's the Twilightophiles. Grown women. Women with husbands. And educations. And lives. But whatev.

I disclose this defense because, due to these types of obsessive fans, I found myself becoming a closet Twilight fan. These fanatical fanatics make it impossible for us normal fans, those that merely *like* the books/movies, to be out in the open. In our current society, it seems that one must choose one extreme or the other. You must either despise Twilight, hate it, loath it, boycott all actors, directors, writers, sound editors, and costume designers associated with the films, or love them. Love them and wish the lives were your own, that you had your own vampire/werewolf love triangle, and that if you love it enough, the story might actually become real and one day, you too might wake up to a creepy, stalker-ish vampire watching you sleep. With these two alternatives at hand, I'm at a loss of what to do. For now, I'm staying neutral. I'm entertained but I don't love it. I don't hate it, but I my life could go on without it, and I wouldn't be suicidal.

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