Saturday, February 20, 2010


Victory! I did it. Here it is. I cut about 6 inches off of my hair. 6 inches doesn't seem like a lot, especially if you were to see the pile of hair that was left on the salon floor. I love the new hair cut. It's lighter and easier and I feel like I've made a huge step in my personal growth. So far, I have no regrets... [sorry about the lame-o picture. It was this or a Myspace pseudo-sexy self-portrait in the bathroom mirror. And thankfully, I'm not one of those people.]

I didn't take a "before" picture. But in case you haven't seen me recently or remember what my hair looks like, it looked something like this:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Progress Report: No. 1

I debated whether or not I would blog about this and if I did, when I would do it. But here it goes anyway: Ladies and gentleman, since the first of the year, I have lost 30 pounds. That's 3-0. 10 pounds, 3 times. I have lost more pounds than years I am old. I have lost a months worth of pounds. [It was actually 29.5 lbs and Jericho told me I wasn't allowed to round up but I don't care. It's close enough. Once I cut my hair, I'm sure it'll drop another 2 lbs.]

I wrote out this huge testimonial of my life-long struggles with health goals. But it sounded way too much like my admission video to The Biggest Loser and it was really boring and sad. And that's not how I feel right now. I was ready to make some changes so I picked a diet that was crazy, insanely strict.* I went on a hormonal supplement to boost along the process. And I kicked that diet's trash. All of my clothes are too big. My wedding rings fall off whenever I'm somewhere cooler than room temperature. I have visible cheekbones [in my face]. And I have a fantastically awesome husband that made the process so much easier. [Like telling me how gross his cheesecake was and that I should be grateful I didn't have to eat it.]

I still have a ways to go since this is a work in progress and will continue on for the rest of my life. But I made a goal at the start of this year, and I killed it. Bam. 30 freaking pounds. I want to call up my last doctor that basically said I couldn't do this and tell them they need to pick a different profession. Hack.

It's only the middle of February and so far this year I have bought a house, planned [and almost] paid for my one year anniversary trip with Jericho, and lost 30 pounds. Other goals are currently pending but so far, things are looking pretty swell for 2010. 

*For anyone that is curious about what this diet was and how I did it, email me. It's different, strict, and not for the wimpy or faint of heart.*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Change is good?

I have a decision to make. It's huge. Crazy huge. And I need some help. 


Not just a trim and thinning out like I normally do. This last time I got my hair did, I got highlights. And it was super exciting. This time, I want to cut it. I mean really cut it. I'm serious. I think. I am not looking to cut it above my shoulder so it wouldn't be THAT short. But still, my hair is two feet long, it could use a good chop.

So. What do I do? For the past 5 years (the approximate duration that I started actually doing my hair), any public mention of cutting/trimming my hair brought on voluminous protests. It makes me feel like Jo March in that part in Little Women when she cuts her hair off to sell and Amy, the youngest, proclaims in shock, "Jo!! Your one beauty!" There have been several occasions where random strangers (women of course) comment on my hair, complement or ask me about what products I use. I find it flattering and kinda fun, mainly because I felt so hair-style-retarded for the majority of my life. I think the years of tom-boy short hair have made me afraid of not having long hair. I have had long hair for a really long time and in roughly the same style.

But, putting aside my long-hair dependence complex, let's look at the basic pros and cons of this decision.

Reasons for getting rid of the long hair:
  • It takes FOREVER to do anything to it (straight, curly, wash, comb, etc)
  • Is it juvenile? I feel like it's a little juvenile...
  • It takes over approximately 1/3 of our bed. Poor Jericho. If I lay down wrong or sit wrong or close the car door too soon, it gets caught and I'm held hostage by my hair.
  • I don't feel very "in style"
  • Change is good
  • If I want to keep highlighting it, it will be cheaper if it's shorter
  • Sometimes I feel like Guinevere or some other medieval maiden
  • It allows me to be too lazy sometimes

Problems with cutting my hair:
  • We've grown emotionally attached
  • I have thick, wavy hair and it will take a really great hair stylist to make a shorter style look good
  • I'm not entirely sure what I want it to look like once it's cut. My style options are limited and not everything I like is doable for my hair
  • I feel cliche cutting my hair post-marriage, like I'm preparing for "mom-hair"
  • At times, long hair can be easy (aka "lazy")
  • I don't have to work for "beachy curls" when I'm at the beach
  • Up-dos are easier with long hair. Not that I ever have up-dos, but if I needed to, I'd like to have the option.
  • I often hear from the stylist- not many people can wear long hair, so those that can, should.
This is a serious problem. I need all the help I can get. Should I cut my hair? If so, any suggestions on styles? This is my official year for making huge changes. It's time to change the hair!!

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