Friday, November 21, 2008

Because it's Friday

I don't know how many of you are aware of the Yahoo! Answers website, but it's golden. People can ask whatever questions they want to the web-world and anyone can answer. You can learn so much from people who don't know anything. I have selected a few for your reading pleasure.

Is there any free dating Russian or US sites?
Thats pretty much what I want to know. Is there any sites online that are free, not just to join but to send messages too, both in the US, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, U.K.. Im not having any luck on myspace, I just dont find any of the girls on there attractive in the US when I browse. The ones I do like, are usually out of the US. I also noticed I dont really need myspace to meet anyone, it is free though thats why I still use it. My preference is Russian so thats why I am looking for something legit, as far as going out there, it would be nice, it would be even better to meet one thats already here, but no luck with that so far. LOL, I feel like that U2 song, "But I still havent found what Im looking for", in the US that is. Im not a loser or anything like that, Im far from it. Hands down, Im just looking for a female thats atleast my age, not so much in there early 20's, atleast 23-26. Anything younger than that, I am skeptical.
(No good answers) But really, if you have to defend your non-loser status it may not be very effective when you're talking about international dating websites. It's kind of a give-away. He could always go for the mail-order system. I hear they get great reviews.

What is a stalactite? religion?
what are their beliefs?
Your Answer: (I answered this one myself)
I know they worship in caves but for centuries they have battled with opposing religions such as the stalagmites for jurisdiction in the caves. Think Israel and Palestine but in caverns.

Why is Walmart's smallest size a 6?
Even their petite's smallest is a 6?Why don't they make clothes for 3's or 4's?
My pick for best answer:
The obvious answer only over weight people shop at Walmart

Me and my BFF are friends with this 20 year old guy...(we are 15)?
We get along great and we all have a lot of fun. My other BFF doesnt like it that we are freinds with it...she says that he may like us. That may be true. We do text each other and sometimes he text really late at night to just say wats up. He is kindof touchy (but not inapropriate touch) and stuff like that. My friend belives he likes me...but i honestly dont know...what u think about this.? Do you think he likes me? I mean we told each other we c each other as friends....but what do u think about this situation. I know many people who are my age and are friends with 18 to 20 year olds.
My pick for best answer:
you are kind of stupid. no you are really stupid. sorry to say but that is super illegal and nasty he's probably got some disease.

What do you do to calm yourself?
My best answer picks:
Get mad first
smoke a fattie
drink a wine cooler
I pull my ears, or go for a hike.

Should I tell my son that I have been forging celebrity/athlete's autographs, and giving them as presents? ?
Since my son was 4 years old, I have been forging celebrity autographs. It started out because I didnt have any money to buy presents, so I just signed a page in People magazine, and gave it to him for his birthdays and christmas. I stopped the forging when heturned 16. He is 18 now. Should I tell him, or keep it a secret? Or maybe just keep on doing it since it was free? I mean if hes too stupid to know they are fake, why not?
My best answer pick:

How much does a 13 year emo boy weigh.?
I am 13 and want to be emo I weigh 115 Lbs how much should I lose?I was thinking about losing 30 Lbs. And how long should it take and what should I do too lose the pounds. I stoped eating and only drink water. What elts do i do.
My best answer picks:
You cannot strive to be merely head down that spiral until things are really terrible.
I'm not emo, but i dont think you should loose any weight.... i get made fun of for being so skinny.. it feels good... jsut be yourself, weight has nothing to do with being emo... just dont cut yourself.... its bad
Maybe you should see a therapist.


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    As if I needed anymore proof that there are more stupid people than necessary out there.


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