Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beautiful temple and lots and lots of snow

Last weekend I made the long-awaited trip back to Rexburg. Trevor and I have been "planning" this trip for some time then suddenly decided to splurge! and buy our tickets about a month ago. Our main purpose for going now was to go to the temple open house. We managed to see some old friends and eat at our old favorite places in a short weekend. I also got to stay a night with Scotty and his family. They are so fun and it's so good to see the babies and help them remember who I am.
Here are some of the pics from the trip. Both Trevor and I noted that even though cosmetically the campus has changed, the spirit is still the same. Being there reminded me of the wonderful experiences and growth I had while I was there. I made amazing friends and learned so much about life. BYU-I is truly a wonderful school. I remember hearing Pres Bednar and Pres Eyring testify to the great things this school and the people that attended it were meant to accomplish.
The temple was incredible! We went through the open house on Friday. I love learning about temples and the basic principles of temple work that make the gospel so beautiful. I have had some wonderful experiences in various temples and was grateful I got to add the Rexburg temple to those. I really know that the people of Rexburg and the kids that go to school up there will really be blessed because of their testimonies and the wonderful temple.

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  1. I love that last picture of Charles! We're glad that you got to come out for the temple open house and it was nice to have you stay with us for a night.


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