Monday, January 21, 2008


In case some of you aren't aware... I have decided to move back in with my parents. My roommates and I decided that we'd been in the house for a while and it seemed like a good change time for all of us. I am looking forward to moving in with my parents for a while. My sister comes home from the mission in March so it'll be fun to live with her as well before she goes back off to college.

This past weekend I've been packing up all my stuff (12 boxes just for books... I'm so proud) and transferring over to the parents'. So far, all that is left is the stuff I'm currently using and all the big ugly annoying stuff, like my giant television. I'm excited to move my TV in with me to my bedroom at my parents' house. I finally get my childhood dream of having my own TV in my room. Since my sister will be moving back in as well and my parents have rearranged the house a bit since the last time I lived there, I will be moving into my brother's old room instead of my old room, which is now my sister's old room. I get the basement "apartment" complete with my own kitchen and downstairs entrance so I can sneak people in and out for all my private parties.

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  1. dear daughter is exaggerating a bit. She can have the bedroom, bath and kitchen, but the family room with the wood stove is a SHARED space:) I might be getting old, but my hearing and mother's antennae are still in great shape from the workout they got when you were a teenager:)

    We as well, are looking forward to you moving back home...for awhile:)


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