Monday, February 4, 2008

New Kids Nostalgia

In recent news, I found that the beloved New Kids on the Block (aka NKOTB) are rumored to be reuniting for a tour. I cannot tell you the excitement that I felt as I think back to those days of lunch boxes, Teen Beat pin-ups, t-shirts, earrings... (need I go on?) and realize that the joy that was brought into my life by 5 boys from Boston as a young girl could be returned. I remember having a babysitter that went to one of the concerts and I was sooo jealous. I have decided that if they do in fact go on tour, I WILL be there. I may not be the weepy, fainting fan I would have been 15 years ago, but nonetheless, I can still appreciate them on a more mature level.... kinda.

One thing I've noticed over the years in my conversations with other girls that were once obsessed with the New Kids, is that we all had a favorite. It's true. Just one. Every girl was different. Most loved little Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight. Personally, I was in love with Donnie Wahlberg... the "bad boy" of the group and brother to previously-pants-dropping-Marky Mark. I think it was the cut-up jeans and surly looks that did it for me. Now, as an adult with other adult friends that loved New Kids, I think there was more to the New Kids adoration than we thought. I believe that a girl's initial love of her respective New Kid may be an indication for the kind of man she'll eventually fall for. This cannot be accurately judged in my case since I am unwed (those of you that know me can probably think of some statistics of my record that may support this theory). I'll list my thoughts on the men, and you women out there that once loved a New Kid, can be the judge of whether or not this theory holds some validity.

Johnathan Knight - the older and more mature, probably the only one to have a 401K, quiet and reserved, the boy you'd definitely bring home to mom and dad, a writer or other creative type, didn't seek out fame but has a genuine love for talent and the arts
Jordan Knight - the super-cute ladies man, outgoing and social, flirtatious not b/c he was a player but b/c he was honestly a really nice guy, most likely a student athlete and helps old ladies cross the street on his way to Bible study.
Danny Wood - really goofy and loveable, loyal friend, a hidden gem with a great personality, not always in the limelight but ok with that.... although rumored he was gay there for a while... not sure if that's relevant for anyone...
Donnie Wahlberg - the standard bad boy, overall a great guy with an awesome sense of humor, scruffy good looks but with a little edge, he may have smoked a cig or two when he was 14 but has since realized that the ladiez dont actually like a real bad boy, just one that looks and acts the part.
Joey McIntyre - the cutey-patooty everywhere he goes, genuine innocence and the quiet boy scout image. a lot of personality with clean cut good looks. (not gay even though he's been in Broadway musicals).
It's been a while since me and the boys hung out so I may be a little off in my assessments. Maybe I'll dig out my Teen Beats for old times sake and create another "boy wall" in my room. (In case any of you were wondering, I did NOT have to look up the names or conduct any other research while writing this post...)

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  1. Everyone knows that Donnie Wahlberg was the sexiest New Kid. That's simply undebatable. And as a result I've modeled my life after his...



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