Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where I'm From

I had a lot fun writing this. I don't take credit for the structure - it's an outline... so if any of yall want to know how to do this, let me know.

I am from a Kool-aid-less childhood, Skippy hearts and a cheese-filled mouse.

I am from a lighting-struck palm tree and monster sledding hills, from a five over four and a door with shared bedrooms and a nearly sold ranch.

I am from cacti and ant inhabited peonies, world famous tomatoes and gooey butter cake, pruned monkey grass and the city of oaks.

I am from the Blue Ridge Café, patchwork quilts of oak trees and Five Crowns of laughter, from Chuck Norris and Charlotte, Staffieris and Thompsons and possibly Prince Edward Island.

I am from the tears through laughter and laughter through tears, from unfinished projects and never missed manifestations of talent and accomplishments.

From shadows on the eclipsed moon, untied shoelaces, talk time and lavender soap from a misquoted doll.

I am from the way the truth and the life, from a world of eternity, hope and faith, pure love and living water.

I'm from the desert of Italy and English Canadia, Sunday Pastas and Pizza Fridays.

From a West Chester Accountant who shares my humor and eyes, a persevering Philadelphian who gave me my hair and legs, a German-speaking entertainer who will always be my example, a Bon Jovi Metallica tutor, and a teammate, father, best friend, and relationship consultant.

I am from snapshots of love and memories, values and encouragement, framing and looking inward on the snapshots that will continue on for eternity.

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