Saturday, July 10, 2010

Winston Antiquing

This weekend, Jericho's BFF was in Winston-Salem to work on his BMW and asked Jericho to come help. I tagged along because I didn't really have any interest in staying in Mebane all by myself but I wasn't really sure what I was going to do. Since the boys were doing boy things with the cars, I decided to do girl things and go shopping. More specifically, I looked up local thrift/antique/consignment shops in the area. Well wasn't I pleasantly surprised when I saw just how many were within a 15 minute radius of each other.

I have never really been an antiquing kind of girl. I've done some yard sales and flea markets. But having a house has awaken this inner passion to buy things for the house. I went with specific items in mind and had SO. MUCH. FUN. I think I've found a new hobby.

Not only did I have a blast finding fun, unique things for my house, I also discovered just how cool Winston-Salem is. Jericho grew up there but my exposure to the city has mainly been to his mom's house and the mall. I am determined to go back and explore more of the downtown area and eat at some of the funky restaurants.

This is Cookies. I went in there twice. Cookie was an interesting lady.

Inside Cookies. It's what I always imagined the inside of my head to look like. I would have bought more had I been able to get to it.

This block of Reynolda Road was so quaint. I was able to walk to three of the stores. It was blazing hot and if I was eating carbs right now, this is where I would have stopped to eat Gelato while I shopped.

A sampling of a few of things I bought. I'm psyched. I can't wait to find new places to buy cool, used stuff. 


  1. Love the pictures of the shops! They look so neat and fun!

  2. I have a window pane just like of my most favorite things I have ever bought antiquing and added my own touch to. that bowl too!!


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