Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is why you're fat

Why does that bread look so crusty, you ask?? It's because it's not bread. It's FRIED FREAKING CHICKEN! Yes America. This is how fat we are. A normal bun of bread just won't do anymore. [Mind you, the buns are mostly fake, refined ingredients but nonetheless, they didn't deep fry the buns]. The commercial on television is particularly exciting. They show consumers rejoicing their heart-attack-prone-hearts out over this new "anticipated" sandwich. Apparently, someone has been writing in to KFC complaining about the burden of the bun and the idea of replacing the sliced bread with sliced fried chicken is the greatest thing since sliced... well, nevermind. Maybe it was all those Atkins nuts out there. But even then, they couldn't have the fried option. For those more health-conscious, they do offer a grilled chicken option instead of the fillet. Thank you, I feel much better.

For the commercial and nutritional information: go here


  1. I know. Scary. I'm just about to start reading Fast Food Nation. We'll see what my feelings are after reading it. I started the introduction and found myself turning to the back for the sources after every fact listed. It's going to be a long read.

  2. Well, compared to the amount of calories in their other sandwiches, it's about on par. Actually, from what it shows, their chicken wrap is nearly 600 calories, well more than the double down. Not that I'm condoning anything. I'm not a fast food fan in general.

  3. First...EW!
    Okay now that that's out of the way, how in the heck do you even eat the grilled version? With a fork? Doesn't that defeat the purpose then? I mean who wants grilled chicken dripping down their hands? YUCK. And in their commercial it says that the sandwiches weren't enough to fill you up, so now they're happy bc they have more chicken, but isn't the bread what has that filling effect in the first place? Oh well.

  4. I'd post more but...uh...I have to go to KFC now...


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