Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dream Bag

Sometimes when I get bored, I dream. In my dreams, I'm super creative and accomplish all these fantastically cool endeavors like taking a pottery class and being a weekend mountain biker and writing books by the dozen. I also have this pretend world where I'm this stellar, yet humble, photographer with subtle and understated artistic abilities. "Why thank you. [Blush] No, I'm not a photographer. It's just a hobby. My creative energy is so copious, it radiates from me without even really trying." And when I'm this photographer, I have this bag. 

I carry it around town on my serene, solitary photo shoots. [And by "town" I mean, the quaint, funky town with fences and fruits stands where I will, of course, be living when I'm this photographer/writer/biker/hiker/explorer]. It perfectly fits my novels and creative-thoughts notebooks and granola in addition to all my photo equipment. 

Isn't it perfect? My little make-believe world is only complete if I have this camera bag. Until that time, I'm still just some random twenty-something with a wannabe hobby. And no cool green camera bag.


  1. Great bag! It's so pretty. This town you speak of sounds an awful lot like Stars Hollow ;-)

  2. So I've seen this bag quite a few times around the blogosphere, and my thoughts have come to conclude that I definitely need one. So what if I don't take that many pictures? I could take pictures. I could carry my camera around in an awesomely chic camera bag and take pictures. {I could also, apparently, sound like Mr. Heckles.}

  3. um... I love it. But, where can I find it if I hypothetically wanted to buy it myself?

  4. My bad.

  5. While I know that pic was taken off the website...please don't let your dream bag include the Canon SLR. In order to be the stellar photographer you aspire to be you must go with Nikon. ;)

    ~from another stellar photographer wannabe


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