Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is Huge

There are a few [or many] things that men don't understand about women. One is the ability to lay motionless by the pool for hours. Another is the joy we get from shopping. For me it's been compounding factors lately: really awesome new spring lines and the fact that I actually like the way I look in clothes now. I basically have to sit on my hands to keep from internet shopping. The following are among the few new clothes purchases of late.  For those that don't know me well, don't understand the hugeness of these purchases. For those of you that do. This. Is. Huge.

They're pink! How proud are you?!?

For at least ten years, I hardly owned a single thing that was pink. As a tomboy child, pink was the antithesis of everything that being a tomboy stood for. Even after I grew out of the tomboy stage, I guess the aversion to pink just stuck. Not only that, but it really looked horrible on me. Once in college, my roommates made me try on something pink so they could see for themselves. It was confirmed and I went on in my anti-pink ways. Recently, I discovered that pink is good for something for someone with my complexion- it makes me look awesomely tan. So I tried a few pink suits this season and was giddy with my tanness. The rest kind of rolled from there. I have broken my war against pink. I don't *love* it yet. I still plan on buying my [one day] daughters yellow and purple outfits so they don't look like I hose them down with pepto bismal every morning. But I'm easing up just a bit. And that is huge.


  1. I once went out on a limb in a store and tried on an electric yellow bathing suit. It had the same effect. Totally tan! Loved it! Now, you can't get away with colors like that every day, but I have always gotten "electric" colored bathing suits ever since - sunset orange, cobalt blue, etc. Instant tan. Gotta love it.

  2. Not only did you break through the color aversion you also announced it to the world. Seriously huge!

  3. I don't wear pink but I can certainly lay by the pool for hours with no problem.

  4. Kelley- this is huge! So huge that it's taken me a week to respond, I've been in shock. :)


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