Thursday, April 15, 2010

Camera Crazy

There are less than 3 weeks until our cruise. I am in planning mode. Actually, I've been in planning mode since January. I am officially in the list stage of planning mode. To-do list. To-bring list. To-buy list. Part of my to-bring list is a camera which is pretty standard. But when you're me, it's more complicated than that.

How MANY cameras should I bring? And which ones??

The list of possible combinations is as follows:

On our honeymoon, we brought two. This one and this one.

This was due mainly because I hate my current compact camera. It's about 4 years old [ancient!!] and the functions drive me crazy and the quality is subpar. Jericho has a more current but basic Canon that I use when I feel like throwing mine out the window.

The second camera to consider is this- the water-proof camera. We'll be snorkeling and swimming with stingrays so this is pretty much a given.

I also have my baby. My Canon SLR. Along with its two lenses.

And then there's this beaut. My Holga. Used for capturing pictures with one-of-a-kind vignetting and lighting affects. It wouldn't be the only camera I bring but could produce some pretty rad stuff from the trip. [Note: this camera is small, very light and plastic and cost me about $30 so I really don't care what happens to it.]

You can see my dilemma here. This is our one year anniversary trip. It will be filled with vivid, beautiful scenery [to include ourselves]. I don't want to miss capturing everything at its digital fullness, so I lean toward the SLR. But I don't want to carry around a big camera everywhere we go or risk getting it stolen or broken. If I bring something smaller, I risk getting sucky and more basic pictures but it's easier to tote around.

The other down side to bringing the SLR is that when I bring this somewhere, most of my experience is seen through the camera lens. I take more time to see/do things and sometimes ignore people [i.e. Jericho]. Therefore, I offer up this compromise.
If I bring this, I could capture high quality pictures while also having something small and easy to carry around and operate. [And when I say "bring" I mean buy then bring.] In conclusion, "camera" should apparently be added to all three of my lists:
1. To-bring: camera
2. To-do: convince J that it's the best plan of action to buy the new Canon compact
3. To-buy: buy new camera

On second thought, I think I'll switch the order of #2 and #3.


  1. easier to ask forgiveness than get permission. Go for it. :P

  2. C$ doesn't seem to understand why we need two cameras {but I'm pretty sure I've convinced him to get me a new one for my birthday}. I think you're lucky to have so many!

  3. Jeez that's more cameras than I've ever dreamed of owning LOL. *JEALOUS!* I think the last camera is a good bet though. Jericho's Cannon is good to (that's what I have) But it's bulkier than the slim blue one, so if you can get it past the keeper of the funds I think it's a brilliant choice.


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