Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mulling things over- Part 1

Work has been slow. 
I don't like being a sedentary being, either physically or mentally. [Aligning this text in the center is the craziest word processing I've done today]. My thoughts wonder to places unrelated to any important tasks at hand. Because I don't have any.

During my day today, my thoughts have been as follows [to name a few]:

I threw away 3 perfectly good paperclips out of the paperclip tray in the copy room. I'm a paperclip snob. Wha? Truly. I am. I throw away the ones that are stretched out. And the annoying ones with the colored plastic shells. And I redo the ones that someone has put on the paper incorrectly. Yes, there is an incorrect way to fasten a paperclip. 

It's 68 degrees today and sunny. I refuse to spend the rest of the sunny days of my life behind a desk. 

I hate dieting. Someone made microwave popcorn in the office. Artificial butter fragrance permeated my  office like a freakin tidal wave. I hate dieting. 

I'm considering starting a food blog. I miss cooking. Jericho misses it too. Plus, with this much time to think of non-work thinks, I may as well do something to contribute to humanity. Why not write a food blog? Too cliche? Maybe I'll call it "Mediocre Cooking: for those that really just don't care that much".

I'm wearing khakis I haven't been able to wear in 3 years. I love dieting.

Tonight is book club and can't wait to have a new book to read. I'm considering finding downloadable books so I can read them at work. I'm also considering sneaking out the back door and reading outside to test how long it takes anyone to figure out that I'm gone.

I have no idea if I'm supposed to bring a beach towel on my cruise.

I want a new compact digital camera. My mission: convince husband that I need two new dresses and a new camera for the cruise. Wish me luck. 

Jericho has been working in town for the whole of 2010 thus far. It's fantastically more fun. If he starts traveling again, I'm considering getting a therapist. And lots of seasons of TV shows on DVD. 

My passport came yesterday. I am officially one step closer to being "one who travels." My picture is atrocious. Tonight, I'm going to the mall to find an uber-cute passport holder in the hopes it will distract from the uncuteness that is my picture.

I want a pair of cowboy boots. Namely this pair. But hesitate because I don't think I have the fashion moxie.

I hate dieting.


  1. I have to agree about the thoughts running like wild when work is slow.
    It gets that way throughout class sometimes as well. Not always that fun. I would much rather be very busy and barely have time to breathe, instead of aimlessly wandering the internet and such things.

  2. You do not need a beach towel for your cruise. Take the room towels. This is not ghetto - it's expected. Save the room in your suitcase for something you buy on the cruise and bring home.

    And just think - on the cruise, you won't be dieting. I guarantee it. Hate dieting now but love eating on the cruise. It's worth it!

  3. When and where are you going on your cruise? While we were DINKS (dual-income-no-kids) we went on a couple cruises. Love them to death. Someday when we pay off the adoption and can stand to leave our girl with Grandma for a week, we'll go again. They are the best vacations EVER!

  4. HAHA! I think everyone's mind has these kinds of moments. I know mine does. And what's better? When I'm thinking and I just randomly start talking about something and no one has any clue where that came from...then I have to explain my odd thought process and people just look at me funny.

    PS- the boots are hot, I think everyone has more "fashion moxie" than they know. They just have to be a bit more daring at times! DO IT! You'll love it!


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