Tuesday, March 2, 2010

62 days

In the spirit of a rainy day and yet another forecast for frikkin snow, I would like to remind myself (through pictures) of where I'll be in 62 days.

Right now, I am here:

In 62 days, I will be here:

 and here

In 64 days, I will be here:


In 65 days, I will be here:

And in 66 days, I will be here again:

But for now, I am still here:


  1. Your vacation is too short! :D hopefully you'll be able to stay sane long enough to get to the 62 day marker!

  2. So jealous! I love cruises! I think they are the best vacations. I am trying to convince Vince (that sounds weird) to take me on one soon. For some reason he is in denial of all the fun we would have.


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