Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today Jericho and I made a new friend. We stopped for a quick lunch at Chick-Fila while out on our Saturday errands. Upon receiving our food and sitting down at a table not far from the counter, a girl about 6 years old walked over and climbed up into a chair at our table. I initially thought she was lost, but turns out, she wasn't. 

"Hi. Are you going to eat lunch with us today?"
"Great! What's your name?"
"Kristen.What's yours?"
"Kelley. What did you get for lunch?"
"Chicken nuggets and fruit and juice!"
"Awesome! I LOVE chicken nuggets!"

Jericho comes back from getting napkins and finds our new friend, Kristen, at our table with me. I introduce them, "Kristen, this is Jericho. Jericho, this is Kristen, she's going to be eating lunch with us today."
"Cool. Hi."

I am finding this a little strange but highly amusing and fun. I look around and assume that her dad is the man paying at the counter. He soon figures out where she is and comes over and very quickly apologizes for his daughter. I say it's no big deal and laugh it off. She leaves with her dad to go eat with the rest of their family. About 3 minutes later, Kristen comes back. 

"How come you're not eating with your family?"
"I want to eat here."

About one minute later, dad comes back to take her to the family table.

"Bye Kristen. It was nice to meet you!"
"Bye!!" Walking away and waving...

"That was fun." After Kristen left, Jericho and I just laughed at this completely friendly and beautiful little girl. It was so refreshing to be reminded how amiability comes so effortlessly to children. I told Jericho that I wished that everyone could have the uninhibited friendliness that kids have and I hoped that we teach our children how to be that polite and friendly to everyone they meet. Little Kristen taught us a lesson today without even realizing it. I thought of this experience throughout the rest of the day and how uplifted I felt from such a small experience. I hope her parents truly appreciate the beauty of their little girl.


  1. Kids are so sweet and innocent and amiable and I love that about them, too.

    Though I was thinking, if it was me sitting there waiting for my husband and a, let's say, 45 year old man(And Scott wants to add here, "with a mustache") came and sat next to me and just wanted to eat lunch together and visit, I might feel a wee bit uncomfortable :). But for a child or even an elderly person to do that, I think I'd love it. Isn't it interesting how some ages and stages of life are more comfortable and approachable to talk to than others. When I'm pregnant, I find that people are a lot more friendly and easy going around me as well. Sometimes strangers will come touch my belly or just strike up a conversation with me and I really enjoy that. One of the perks of being pregnant I suppose.


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