Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Six Month Performance Review

As of today, I have been at my job for six months. In my "employee handbook" it says that a performance review will be given to all new hires after six months of employment. The paralegal that was "new girl" prior to me told me that she never received her six month evaluation, nor any other evaluation for that matter. She's been there for more than 4 years. Since I'm not expecting that I'll receive an evaluation, I've decided that I'll give them a six month evaluation...

Pros (these might make more sense if you know anything about my previous firm):
  1. People here like each other. Everyone is at anyone else's assistance whenever it is needed. We also eat lunch together at least 3-4 days a week, either in the office or go out somewhere.
  2. The subject matter of my work is extremely fascinating and thought provoking. (I will expound upon this in a later post)
  3. I am busy. All. The. Time.
  4. I go to court every Thursday.
  5. I don't have clients, per se. My attorney, for the most part, only has cases for the Department of Social Services so technically we have two clients (2 counties). Which is also the reason for the next perk.
  6. I don't have to bill my hourly time. Only occasional tasks for a set fee.
  7. My office is 3.2 miles from my apartment. Though this will soon change.
  8. I really like the pens they keep stocked in the supply room.
  9. I have been here six months and have not been yelled at nor have I overheard anyone else being yelled at or encountered any of the paralegals in the bathroom crying because their entire professional existence was just crushed by her attorney.
  10. I have an office with four real walls. No real door or window yet but at least someone can't throw something at me over the shared cubicle wall.
  11. Nearly everyone in the office is a Tarheel fan.
  1. Since my core social group is still in Raleigh, I don't have anyone in this area to meet for lunch.
  2. I am busy. All. The. Time.
  3. I hate my keyboard. It's old and sticky and the keys aren't as sensitive so I have a tendency to type words with random letters left off.... because I type so frikkin fast...
  4. There are regular treats on the kitchen table. People bring food in randomly all the time. Yes, this is a con.
  5. My apartment is 3.2 miles away. It causes me to be more late than I should.
  6. Our courier is 75 (instead of the usual college student). It makes me miss my courier pals from my old office.
  7. I don't get to shop in the office supply books freely (or at all), unlike my old firm. My love of office supplies has been seriously squelched.
  8. The case load is overwhelming at times: 100-200 cases, 75-100 court orders per month... approximately.
  9. Employees at DSS aren't as aware of the aforementioned case load as I'd like them to be.
  10. The paralegal before me wasn't extremely organized or computer-savvy so I'm having to implement certain organizational systems into already established cases.


  1. Well for the most part it sounds like you have a really awesome job! I can't say I've heard anyone getting yelled at or seen anyone crying in the bathroom but I would certianly like to be able to say we all get along and that my co-workers don't suck.

  2. I'm so excited for the two of you! I can't wait! Congratulations again!

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