Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding Progress Report

I'm finding that when you get engaged, one of the most common questions you get is "How are the wedding plans coming!?" This doesn't bother me by any means. I do the same to people I know that are engaged. So with barely over two months until the big day, I've decided that I'll post the latest to satisfy those curious as to the current state of plans...

  • I am in possession of my wedding dress. It still needs alterations and such but I have it. I tried on about 10 dresses over a couple of hours and walked out that same visit with a receipt for the perfect dress. Apparently it's rare to go on one trip, to one store and find a dress. Yay!
  • Location for reception found. Thanks to some wonderful family friends that have offered their lovely house!
  • Cake - decision made, but it's a secret....
  • Engagement pictures and announcements - appointment made for the sitting and mailing list about done. We are having the same person who is taking the pictures design our announcements. I'm so excited. They're going to be so rad.
  • Jericho and I have found an apartment. We will be living here. It's a brand new complex and we love it! We'll have a Cary address but we're right near the edge of Morrisville and Durham. Planning our first apartment together has been just as exciting as the actual wedding plans, if not moreso.
  • Food planning is underway. I decided money was better used when it's not flushed down a toilet so we'll be using our incredibly generous social resources instead of hiring a caterer. But there will be no lil smokies or anything from the frozen food section at Costco. If this changes your mind about coming, I'm sorry.
  • Colors/decorations/flowers - planning also underway. Colors will be baby blue and chocolate brown with pink accents. Sounds complicated but with blue and brown as the main colors, that doesn't really leave a lot of options for flowers, hence the adoption of pink. It was a big step for me to accept the fact that I'm going to have pink as one of my colors. Probably my biggest feminine breakthrough since my first mascara purchase when I was about 20.
  • Registry has begun. We are learning that we need to do this in shifts as Jericho was not born with the same shopping endurance gene as me (probably chromosome related). We have managed to agree on most everything which has made the process much easier. We made a list prior to registering of what we already knew we needed (not too much). Then the sales lady said they recommend people have about 300 items on their registry. So unless we only expect about 30 people to buy us a wedding present, we need to come up with more stuff....

Overall, I'd have to agree that people were right: I do get more excited about the wedding the more we plan. And for me it's not entirely just the wedding itself but of everything that is involved in planning for your life with someone. It's been fun to make so many joint decisions with the person you're going to marry and realize that it's easier than you thought it'd be. I guess I'm not as high maintenance as I thought...


  1. I'm so glad you posted your progress because I've been wondering :) While I am surprised there's no red, I am a huge fan of chocolate (in this case I just mean the color) with baby blue and pink. So exciting!

  2. That was a great summary, thanks!

    By the way, are you sure you aren't interested in buying a town home in Morrisville?...My cousins are moving and ould like to sell. They've made updates ... ;) ...the apts in Cary look beautiful!

  3. Did I mention how the company where I went to train for a week has a system in play where the lights go out in the bathroom after three minutes? So, I decided to hang out on the toilet for awhile to get away from the vulgar detectives and lo and behold, the lights went out! Yes, completely dark! Fortunately, I had my phone with me cause I was surfing the Internet when they went out, so I had light to see my way out of the john! How would you like those work conditions. Okay, times up hurry the crap up!

  4. I am also shocked about the absence of red. Vince would like to know if we are invited, he wants to shine up his best pair of flip flops! Maybe I missed something in the post, but did you say when this blessed nuptial is going to take place?

  5. Laura and Angie... I have gotten many comments about why I'm not having red as one of my colors. You two know me well!!! I figured since this was going to be a spring wedding that I'd go with spring-y colors. If I'd gotten married in winter, we DEFinitely would have had a red wedding.

    But I now have a red Kitchen Aid for the apt so all is not lost...

  6. Kelley! I'm so excited for you. I talked to Jessica a few days ago and heard you were getting married. Actually I think I heard it from Angie. Anyway, Congrats. Jeanne (Bishop)


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