Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy 30 Years Mom and Dad!!

Every year I have a hard time remembering the day of my parents' anniversary. Probably because they also tend to forget it until after the fact. But I knew this year was their 30th so in honor of my parents 30th anniversary today, I have decided to dedicate my post to them.

In my current job, all of my cases are the juvenile cases for the Department of Social Services. These are the kids in foster care or in some other form of custody in "the system." I have seen mistreatment of children (and people in general) beyond anything I thought was possible. I have always been grateful for my parents, but this job has really made me see how fortunate I am to have such great parents.

The following, in no particular order of importance, are 30 reasons I am grateful for my parents:

1) Teachings of the gospel were always present in our house. We went to church every Sunday. We attended seminary. We read scriptures. We definitely had a Christ-centered home.

2) My mom and dad both cooked a lot and involved us with the cooking at a young age. I didn't really appreciate this until I went to college and had roommates. I fear for some of their husbands.

3) We were encouraged to spend our time wisely. I don't recall ever sitting in front of the television for prolonged periods of time.

4) They offered support to our endeavors and never made us feel that we weren't capable of something. Except maybe getting married... ha! I sure showed them!

5) I inherited a splendid genetic combination of great hair and the ability to tan. Whenever anyone compliments my hair, I always give props to my parents' genes.

6) They were both at a time when they were looking for something more in life, and that something more came by them learning about the gospel and joining the church when they were first married allowing us all to be raised in the church.

7) They taught us manners and good behavior as children. I'm hoping my kids inherit the gene that prevents temper tantrums in the grocery store aisles.

8) My dad has been involved in scouts for a long time. I was glad to be the girl at camp that new how to put up a tent and build a fire. (Despite what my dad says, this is not because he took me on a fathers and sons outting when I was a baby.)

9) My dad put the family first, showing my sister and me the quality man we should seek to marry and my brother an example of what makes a great father.

10) From a young age, my mother's patience as always amazed me. I think it's due to her very "character-building" childhood.

11) My mom built and ran a business for a long time when I knew she would rather be doing something else, but she still did it and many benefits came from it.

12) We never had the television on on Sundays.

13) Academics and education were stressed and encouraged our entire lives. (On April 25, all 3 of their kids will have bachelor's degrees.)

14) My mom was a stay at home mom and my dad worked enough to support the family but was also an active dad in our lives. I don't recall many times when my dad was not home for family dinner, which we had nightly until we all left for college.

15) My mom had us start doing our own laundry when we were about 12.

16) They taught us self-sufficiency, responsibilities, and accountability.

17) From my earliest recollection, they told me that credit cards are the devil. Maybe not those specific words but that was the general idea.

18) My dad spent time with me after my soccer/basketball games rehashing how the game went and giving me praise. I always knew that my parents were our biggest fans. If anyone doubts this, ask my sister about my mom coming to her cross country meets. And...

19) they continue to attend my games (except when it's 25 degrees out). I still notice when they are/aren't at my games. When I score a goal, they are still the first people I look for to share in the excitement and congratulations.

20) They encouraged us to be who/what we wanted and didn't try to make us into something we weren't. Case in point - my mom letting me keep my hair boy-short as a child, and still thinking I was a beautiful child instead of locking me in the basement (which is what I might do if my child is like me).

21) Material possessions and having lots of "stuff" were never high on my parents' priority list.

22) My mom is an active visiting teacher. I didn't realize this until I was old enough to be a visiting teacher and realize that it takes effort to really fulfill this calling. I never realized how active in serving others my parents were in our church until I got older.

23) My dad has a thorough knowledge of music and passion for it and he shared it with us throughout our lives. For as long as I've known him, he's been a member of our church choir.

24) My dad has always put my mom's needs first.

25) They continue to take a genuine interest in our lives and are willing to be of assistance in any way they can and sometimes even when they can't.

26) I'm glad we grew up with family traditions. They create so much identity and unity in a family. I intend on creating as many as I can with my own family.

27) Since my parents are converts to the church, I feel that it has given them an interesting perspective on life that has been to our benefit.

28) Though economic times are never perfect for anyone, my parents made extremely wise decisions many years ago that have sustained them through what otherwise would have been more tumultuous experiences.

29) Every night of my childhood we gathered for family prayer before anyone went to bed and we still do when we go home to my parents' house now.

30) Above all, they have shown, told, demonstrated how much they love our family. I have seen my parents' love for each other and I have seen their love for their children. They have taught us to love others and to love our family. It is exciting to see the great parent my brother is and know that my sister and me will probably turn out to be pretty decent parents as well.... So much that we have accomplished is because of our fabulous parents.


  1. You made me cry. That is the best anniversary gift we have ever received. Thank you Kelley. Sometimes we wonder why God has been so good to us by sending us such amazing children. We love you all so much.

  2. What a great post Kelley! Thanks!

  3. I think that was a wonderful tribute to your parents! They are amazing! :)

  4. I'm pretty I just lost my standing as favorite child especially since I forgot that it was mom and dad's anniversary. What a lovely post, Kelley. We sure have a great family... Oh, you forgot to mention how they scratched our back every night! There's my contribution. :)

  5. Just when I was feeling I hadn't done enough for you, you share these sentiments. Thank you! But remember there is always room for improvement. As I read this I was thinking how blessed we are to have such great kids that are a joy to be around. I think that being involved with children is a way for parents to keep the child alive in them or to get back a childhood they missed. I will always remember your note that said "We may not always be children, but we will always be your children" (You may want to get that copyrighted...now!) Love, Dad

  6. Even though we aren't in college, I'm pretty sure you're referring to me with the cooking thing.

    This was a really great post.

  7. Christa- after I wrote that I laughed figuring that you'd assume I was talking about you... but I'm not!!!

    Krissy- Scott is still the favorite because he has kids... And I still had to ask Mom last week what day the anniversary is.

  8. What a fantastic tribute to your parents. Happy Anniversary to the padres.

  9. Happy Anniversary Angela and Scott! We sure love you guys! And Kelley, wonderful post! I'm also incredibly grateful for your parents...because with out them, I wouldn't have the amazing husband that I have now. I know our kids are some of the luckiest kids in the world because of the father that they have.

    p.s. if you want to avoid number 7 from your list; When you have kids, just stay home :).


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