Saturday, June 14, 2008

Therapy Tears

Over the weekend I was feeling like I needed to laugh. Not just chuckle or giggle at something moderately funny. But really laugh. We Smiths have this problem of crying while laughing. I knew that the therapeutic laughing would probably need to involve the water-works if it was giong to make any significant impact on my well-being. I recently caught part of Love Actually and was reminded of my very favorite part of the movie. I could watch this part over and over and still laugh just as hard. I think my knew goal is to perfect the shimmy/slide he does across the hallway.

My other therapeutic video came after some of us were talking about Tom Hanks and how he's mainly an all-drama actor now but he used to do some really great comedies. One of my favorites is The Money Pit. The following clip has me in tears every time. I think you need to see the whole movie to understand why this part is so ridiculously funny but nonetheless, it's still fab.

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  1. I really wanna see it once you've perfected the shimmy/slide he does across the hall because that's so great.


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