Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love them? I love them not?

With my email reminders coming in that a new Coldplay album is on the horizon for release, it reminded me of a coversation I had with my dear friend Timmy a while back. It was something like... "what popular bands do you flat out just NOT like?" There are a lot of bands we don't like. That goes without saying. When I answer this question, it's more along the lines of... "what bands are very well-liked and I've actually tried to like but still can't come around?" I do not claim to be an authority about music or skill or talent. And this doesn't mean I don't revere or respect a band/artist. This is just me and my personal preferences. So here are my top 10 bands/singers (in no respective order) that I've still yet to fall in love with.

1) The Beatles. Go ahead. Throw things. Spit on me. Whatever. I feel that I have truly given The Beatles a shot. Some of the early stuff is fun. But definitely count me out with the latter. Maybe the next time I'm trippin on drugs I'll pop in some Sgt. Pepper or Yellow Submarine and rock out.

2) Red Hot Chili Peppers. For me it stopped with "Under the Bridge." The Californication album just reminds me of bad high school rock.

3) Coldplay. "Yellow" bothered me from the get-go. Ever since then, I've had a hard time overcoming my distaste for "Yellow" and accepting the band's other stuff. There are a few of their songs that I enjoy more than others. But it only further pushed me away when the U2 comparisons starting coming.

4) Fallout Boy. I will admit. My initial liking for them, and why I do in fact own From Under the Cork Tree, is because of a boy. He liked them. I liked him. So I gave it a go. I no longer like the band or the boy. 0 for 2.

5) Kelly Clarkson. I feel that numbers 5 and 6 might make me a traitor to my gender but oh well. Kelly doesn't really annoy me. I just don't LOVE her. Although I do feel a little more girl-power-charged when I listen to "Miss Independent" and "Walk Away."

6) Celine Dion. My favorite thing to do with Celine's songs is start singing really off-key when every other woman is belting out the heart-wrenching lyrics and trying their darndest to sound just like her.

7) R.E.M. As an 80's baby, I feel I had decent exposure to R.E.M. My brother liked them growing up and when I was still piggy-backing on my bro's music taste as a youngin, I listened to them quite often. I love "Night Swimming" and that's about it.

8) Gary Allen. I listened to a good bit of country in high school. I even have one of my current radio presets on a country station. The ladies love them some Gary Allen. The man does have some killer blue eyes and I feel bad that his wife committed suicide, but that doesn't change the fact that his voice drives me crazy.

9) Radiohead. I'll be honest. I just don't get it.

10) Dashboard Confessional. This one isn't entirely fair. I moreso have Dashboard on here to reflect a type of music that I have yet to find attractive enough to keep me coming back for more. Dashboard (and other like bands) started getting big during my college years and I never really caught on to whiney-ness of the tunes.


  1. I remember "trying" to like some pop music back in my day and honestly it was as annoying back then as it would be for me today (if I am ever inclined to turn on the radio and listen to music, which is never). Back in the day, I tended to lean toward solo artists. Quieter. I think our church leaders are right. Listen to good uplifting inspiring music. It calms the soul and there are a lot of souls that need calming out there, in fact, I think there was one at my house last night! Yeah, this is the old mom's opinion and comment.

  2. I must agree with a few of these: Kelly Clarkson, Coldplay, And Celine Dion (I despise the movie I despise the song). I know how you feel though, I like loads of different kinds of music and no matter how many times my friends try to turn me on to some bands I just can't get on the wagon.


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