Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My baby has arrived!!!

As of April 1, 2008... I am the proud owner of a Scion tC. Isn't she beautiful!?!? I've never seen a tC as beautiful as mine. After many months of searching, I finally found one that was pretty dang near perfect to what I wanted. I am so excited and am finding any excuse to drive it. I'm wondering how long it will take for the new excitement to wear off... but as for now... I LOVE IT! I'm so excited to finally have a car that I really wanted and not just a logical simple car because I was a poor college student. So far my favorite things about the car are the gigantic sun-roof (there are two: panoramic in the front and a moon roof in the back) and the high performance tires. She's a gorgeous sparkling charcoal with black interior. Although right now she has a light yellowish green dusting from all the frikkin pollen!! I've already given her two baths.
**I am making a revision to my previous statement on this post. Apparently there is some discrepancy regarding the gender of vehicles. I have been told that all vehicles are female. I have also been told that all vehicles are the opposite of the gender of the owner. Therefore, I feel that we must decide on the gender issue before I can give it a name.... It feels so sad and identity-less right now... Any thoughts? What is the "rule"?


  1. let's see.. high maintenance, dark, sparkley... I say name her KRISTY!! haha

  2. I covet.

    PS...has anyone told you your blog is looking a format problem...maybe it's just my computer...

  3. Yes. I am aware. It tends to be fine in IE but not in Firefox. So if you're in Firefox, that may be the problem. I have no idea why... I haven't done anything differently...

  4. I vote girl. I usually go with the "gender opposite of the owner" rule, but she seems like a girl. You already seem to think of her as a girl. So I say just go with it.

  5. You could just give it a uni-gender name, like Jamie, Austin, Madison, etc, and avoid trying to answer the unanswerable. Or you could go with something ryhming, "Sparkly Charkly," descriptive, "Car on Wheels," or race-horse like, "Ziploose N Fancy Free." (This is an actual horse name from "Horse Names" website.)

  6. It couldn't of came at a better date - my birthday! I feel so connected already and I haven't even seen it yet!


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