Monday, April 7, 2008

Life according to Joey Potter

In a recent conversation with a wonderful friend of mine, I was provided with the advice of all advice. I won't recount the details of the conversation, because, well, I'm not that kind of blogger... so the gist of it will have to do. In an attempt to sort out some "mess" in my dramarama life, I called up a friend of mine who knows me better than most. And in true Jess form she replied to me, in all seriousness... "Kelley, watch the first season of Dawson's Creek [b/c we can all find similar drama to at least one person's life in that show]. Then, Ten Things I Hate About You because that chick knows how to play it cool. Then, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and study all the things NOT to do... "
There you have it ladies. For any other life issues that you are in need of counsel. Let me know. You'd be surprised the catharsis TV shows and movies can have when looked at in the right manner...
Thanks Jess! You are my hero!!


  1. Oh my gosh - that is great advice! So true! I love/hate it when you're watching some overly dramatic show or movie and some line becomes shockingly true! Kudos to Jess ;)


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