Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nine Months In, Nine Months Out

The progress from month eight to month nine has been huge. The change from immobile to mobile baby feels like a lifetime of difference. I sometimes long for the days when my baby didn't move. And didn't have permanent bruises from the learning processes.

I'm only adding a few pictures because not many are needed to illustrate what life is like now that I have a mobile baby.

Most of the video I take is for Jericho but thought I'd share this one with you. It makes me laugh. This is what crawling Sydney is like. The first crawling was in a perimeter of about 5 feet. Then slowly got bigger and is now limited only by walls and doors and mommy. It's hard to take pictures of her if I sit on the floor, because once she sees me with the camera, this is what happens. If I didn't know she was making a dash for the camera, I'd be afraid she was coming to eat my face.

Nine-month coolness: 
~rolling from back to belly (finally)
~still eats like a champ
~can grab finger foods and gets them in her mouth about 75% of the time
~roughly understands the concept of a sippy cup
~lost all interest in her toys and only has eyes for everything she's not supposed to
~crawling up a storm
~pulling up and standing
~slow shimmy around the ottoman while standing/holding on
~4 visible teeth
~occasionally lets me hold her while she goes to sleep. this is huge
~people's shock when they hear how loud such a sweet-looking baby can be

Smith Family Fun Fact: there is a picture of me in this same chair at about the same age. If I had a scanner, I'd have a super cutesy side-by-side comparison of us. We actually don't look that much alike.

Don't you wish you was as cool as me.

Oh and I am now 20 weeks pregnant. The half-way mark! More or less. And ya know what else? I get my gender ultrasound this week. Care to venture a guess?? But I'm not finding out the gender that exact day. I'll explain later. I hope my little plan works out because it should be cool. Time sure does go by faster with the 2nd baby. If I wasn't already growing out of my clothes, I'd probably completely forget that I'm pregnant.

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