Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The New Guy

When people find out I have a little baby and I'm doing it by myself right now, they say things [in soft, sweet, "bless yur heart" tones], like "Wow. I don't know how you do it", or "And you're doing so WELL." 

For one, NOT doing it isn't really an option. Doing it well? Doing it with patience and a happy-go-lucky grin on my face? That's just what I try to do in public.

I used to work in downtown Raleigh at its height of demo and construction. One thing I learned while working so close to the construction scene was how they handle the new guy situation [I actually have not confirmed this so I could very well be completely wrong]. One day while walking to lunch, I saw a group of workers with one guy wearing a different safety vest than the others. It said something like "danger" or "trainee" or "novice" or "new" on the back. I didn't ask them about it but concluded that on a construction site, it's important to note who the new guy is. Like the vest is saying, "I'm new so if you see me with a nail gun or blow torch, be on the ready because it is totally expected that I may injure you during my learning process but I'm new, so either help me out or cut me some slack."

I sometimes think moms need a vest. Mine would be a "new-mom-in-training" vest. Others could say, "potty training" or "teenager driving" or "24/7 colic". That way when you see a mom break into tears because they're out of her favorite shampoo, people will just know and say a little silent prayer or buy them an ice cream cone instead of thinking they're crazy. Or like with me, walking around with my one-socked baby or third day in a row without washing my hair, all judgements will be set aside.

The other day I was standing outside a restaurant with baby Sydney because she was being frustrating and noisy. [Most of the time when I take her outside places, it's just as much to calm me down so we aren't both being spastic in public.] A lady passed by and said with a smile, "I remember those days." It was a kind little boost. I didn't even need a vest.

Another benefit to wearing a mom vest is so the need for help can be implied. Even at this, my most neediest point in life ever, I don't know how to ask for help or what to ask for. People offer all the time and I honestly don't have answers for them. It's hard to say, "Just follow me around all day and do my dishes and put my clean clothes away and spray my face with water and hand me a towel." But, if I had a snazzy vest, I wouldn't have to come up with stuff. We could all know that when we see someone's respective mom vest to just snap into action. Because, I don't know about you, but I don't normally go about my day thinking up stuff for people to do for me.

As is true with most, I would love for my outward behavior to always proclaim, "I got this", but I have a feeling that's not going to happen for a while. Once my new-baby vest is gone, I'll be donning a toddler + 2nd-new-baby vest and I'll feel like the newby all over again. And yes, I'll be needing an ice cream cone.


  1. Aww! I may have to send you an ice cream.

  2. Oh so true!! I'll be honest, I've already cried today. Glad I'm not the only one! Being a parent is not easy, and I like the vest idea! :)

  3. I always only take showers every 3 days...sometimes 4 :). Partly because I don't have time(you know it's not just showering, but fixing hair and make-up...and I have a lot of hair) and partly because my skin and hair do much better when not washed frequently.

    Good luck and keep hanging in there. I wish I could be around to help sometimes.

  4. Well, I almost cried on the phone today with a guy from google who was trying to get me (my work) set up on Google Places so we can be found easier. My place of employment doesn't have a website. I told him up front that I was very buy and it was my lunch hour. We kept running into snags and he was so nice and really trying to help. At one point I actually said, "I'm getting close to crying", and I really was. My point is that there should be a sign for everyone going through a difficult time. I have several I'm going through right now, but one is, that even though I'm not a newbie mom, I still worry and get overwhelmed when my children's are suffering or going through times and I can't help.. There will alway be something to stress and overwhelm us. Always. That's when we turn to the Lord and pour our hearts out and ask Him for help and to put someone in our lives when we need them most.

  5. oh I love this.... and I have to admit that I love seeing other moms struggle cause sometimes its just so bloody hard. I get it now when I see mom's with 3 year olds screaming.... I just didn't get it before. I like this special "mom" club, where you can get those few words or even a look, and you know....


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