Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eight Months in Pictures

March 29th, Sydney turned eight months old. I can no longer take my standard aerial shot to show how much Sydney has grown in the past month. She's too big and she's way too squirmy. A lot has happened with this little monkey in one month. I've taken a lot of pictures to send to Jericho because there are just so many great little things she's doing. So now I'm putting them on the blog because this is what I do now.

She smiles all the time but when she's not, those faces are just as great. The girl will stare you DOWN. 

We've discovered the swings. They're pretty much awesome. 
Her focus kills me. She's totally a tag girl. And remote controls. And my cell phone. Who needs toys?? And couldn't you just eat those cheeks!!!!
And I get my picture taken every now and then. At least my hair looks nice. As much as I love my house, my parents' house still makes for a better picture backdrop.
See. She smiles. 
This is what happens when she learns how to move on her own. I came back in the room and this was definitely not where she started. The drawstring on the shorts was far too tempting to stay where she was.
She's still a bit small for her big girl high chair. So she insists on sitting like this while waiting for food.
My sweet little baby got her first cold and subsequent ear infection last week. I thought this was good cause for making up her sick bed in mama's bed and letting her watch TV with me. Plus we only have one box of tissues and since I was still sick too, we had to share the tissues and humidifier. She also now thinks the bulb snot sucker is the devil. 
Playing in her corral of pillows. It's not to break her fall but to keep the little toy balls contained since she likes to roll them as far away as possible and mama gets tired of hunting them down.
And check me out! I grew things! I wish I had a picture of all the tulips in bloom. I planted 75 last fall. My yard was a-popping with color. [Pay no attention to my still-dormant grass.]


  1. Preslee eats with her feet up too! Your tulips are gorgeous. 75 is a lot of bulbs where did you buy them?

  2. As my friend would say, Sydney has "acres and acres of kissable cheeks." I want to kiss them! She is so darling. So are you!

  3. What is the deal with tags?? Ashlyn does the same thing. We gotta get those two together to play sometime!

  4. I've been seriously craving Sydney this week. I can't wait to see you two tomorrow. :)


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