Sunday, December 6, 2009

Planes and Turkeys

Jericho and I spent Thanksgiving in Ohio with Jericho's brother's family. We had never been to up to visit the Ohio Belchers so this was a great opportunity to visit out of state relatives. Plus, our new niece Katie Belle was born October 29 and we got to see her for the first time! She is such a doll and a great baby! Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic and I made sure to get some recipes from the SIL before we left (kind of at Jericho's request).

Jericho's brother is in the Air Force and stationed at Wright-Patterson. Also at Wright-Patterson is the National Air Force Museum. You totally just jumped out of your seat didn't you? Yes, it was exciting. Jericho and I spent an afternoon touring the museum. We were there for 5 hours and still didn't see everything. I never thought I could spend 5 hours looking at planes. I did bring my camera so that slowed us down quite a bit. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have taken so many pictures. Also because it drained my battery and have no other pictures from Thanksgiving. So... all you get is a bunch of pictures of REALLY COOL MILITARY AIRPLANES!!! Dud dud daaaa!!!!

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