Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goals for 2010

I don't like goals, aspirations, quests or pretty much anything where failure is one of the outcomes. I also don't like failure. Even when I set goals, they are rarely ever written down. If they don't work out, the failure is now etched in stone in my planner/mirror post-it/soul for me to always remember. I prefer the amorphous goals that are just floating around in my head. Then when they work out, it's like, "Oh yeah. I guess I was working on that. Bravo to me and my mad achievements."

I know that I am able to accomplish written goals. I do it every time I go to the grocery store. So this year, I have decided to publicly list (some) of my goals for 2010. I know some of them may seem obvious but I feel mighty proud when I can check something off a list.

Go on a one-year anniversary trip
Take a class in something
Buy a house Find a house to let the bank buy for us
Attend my 10-year high school reunion
Put laundry away
Get a new laptop
Play more basketball
Play more soccer
Be confident
Get a passport
Visit Vegas
Visit Utah
Visit Morocco (more of a "hope")

Do Not
Eat french fries. Ever.
Get on Facebook while at work
Laugh at the cheerleaders that have gotten fat since high school
Hit snooze
Be angry
Eat out as often
Be anti-social
Avoid my dentist bill (even though I HATE them)
Hate people
Be afraid

I will keep the blog posted on my progress on these goals. Maybe. How about I let you know when they go well. But if you ask me about such-and-such goal and I haven't done it yet, then I'll probably cry. And then next year's list will have to include "Suck it up and stop crying."


  1. I like how one of your goals is to put the laundry away. :o)


  2. Oh come on...you have to laugh at just one of the ex-cheerleaders at least!


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