Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Oh the sweet, sweet victory of the Tarheels. Last night, UNC topped off an amazing NCAA tournament with a record-setting win over Michigan State. Their 55-34 halftime lead was the highest halftime score in tournament history. This was their 5th national title and their 2nd since Coach Roy Williams came on as head coach in 2003. Two national titles in six seasons!! I don't think you know awesomely awesome that is. In this tournament, Carolina won every one of their games (6 total) by double digits. Last night, Ty Lawson set the Final Four record for the most steals in a single game (8). Tyler Hansbrough is now the 4th all-time scorer in NCAA tournament history. Over the last 3 years, UNC's overall record is 100-14.

There are plenty of people that would like to kick the stuffing out of the UNC basketball team, but really, who cares. I don't remember a time in my young adult life when I wasn't pulling for UNC. This particular group of players has been outstanding. They have so much class and style and seeing all the seniors win the championship was incredible. It's also been exciting living roughly 5 miles from the Dean Dome. The atmosphere is amazing. I'll quit my UNC gushing for now. I had the privilege to go to the first round of games in Greensboro a couple weeks ago... that post is currently pending. Until then, enjoy some of the highlights from last night in case you missed it.

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