Monday, April 13, 2009

Out to Lunch

This is not to be read as an indication of my current mental state. I am out to lunch as I take an official break from the blogging world. It is an intentional break and not the result of writer's block or blogging-laziness. I will still read others' blogs but I will not be writing any new posts (save this one that you are reading at this very moment) until the month of May. Why May? Because I will be wed on May 2 then embarking on a beach vacay (aka "honeymoon", I hate using that term, but will throw it around Kiawah, SC as much as I can that week to see what kind of free stuff we can get). The point of the break is because I don't feel that I can properly do the blog and my wedding plans justice by asking them to share my time and attention. So blog, I am sorry to say but when paired up against my wedding, you fall in second.

For all of my readers, far and wide, I hope that you don't forget about me and will start checking back for updates in May. But please feel free to read old posts for nostalgic purposes, laugh and clap each other on the shoulder as you remember the good times. I greatly appreciate everyone who reads my blog as you are one of the main reasons I keep writing. The other is because I found out that my current employer discovered my blog during my interviewing process and subsequently added some serious points to my resume. If she can find it, so can Harper Collins.

So long until May-ish.


  1. Sad you won't be posting - but YAY for wedding plans.
    PS - let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

  2. I do expect to see some awesome wedding pictures when you return. Don't leave us hanging.

  3. I have Reader. I'll be back as soon as you post.

    Have a FANTASTIC wedding!!!

  4. ACK! One less thing to read :0( I'm thinking Kelley had better have some really good stuff to write about when she comes back! I'm gonna miss reading your awesome posts but I think you're right your wedding deserves all of your attention.


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