Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NY (what does that mean? "no way!" That's NW!)

Tomorrow morning I leave on my very first trip to New York City. We will be gone until late Sunday night. The trip was kind of thrown together rather quickly so I hope it all turns out well. We only have two full days there and lots to see in two days. Here are my main goals for the trip:
  • See the Statue of Liberty
  • Buy a hot dog from a street vendor
  • See a show
  • See the big fountain in Central Park
  • Not get anything stolen
  • Make out on the top of the Empire State Building
  • Visit Ground Zero
  • Take some kick-a pictures

I will report back next week on the success of the trip. Wish me luck!!

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  1. If you make out on top of the Empire State Building that will be a good story because I know everyone you are going with and each of those would be hilarious! You might want to find a would be less complicated!


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