Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You aint got no PANCAKE MIX!!!

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This weekend I went to the Will Ferrell college comedy tour - Funny or Die, presented by Semi-Pro (the new Will Ferrell movie) at the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill. Everyone's question to me when I told them I was going to see this show was... "Is Will Ferrell actually going to be there?!?" The answer. "YES!" The show was freakin hilarious. Will acted more as the MC. He started out the show with some goofy Will Ferrell-ness, to include coming out in a Duke sweatshirt to an arena full of BOOs, then ripping it off to reveal a UNC sweatshirt underneath. He brought three other guys with him who took up most of the show. Dimitri Martin, Nick Swardson, and Zach Galifianakis - three very talented, very funny comics. The humor was a bit crass... but still very witty and funny.

Will came out between comics and did a little something each time. After the first guy, he did a question and answer with the audience, while riding around the stage on a Jazzy (a motorized scooter for the elderly). After the second comic, he came out as Ron Burgundy, completely in character. He was setting it up for an interview and brought out Roy Williams. He's the head coach of the UNC basketball team for those of you that shouldn't be my friend if you dont know that. The whole place went crazy. (See video here. It's only about half of the interview, but you get the idea.) They discussed how Tyler Hansbrough is "psycho" and the recent words exchanged with Coach K. The last bit of the show was everyone coming out and singing to "No One" with a giant rainbow in the backdrop.

The stand up acts were incredibly funny. I'd never been to a live comedy show before and I'm glad I made this one my first. Will Ferrell's humor is so unique. He's so effortless in his humor. Most of the guys made multiple jokes with North Carolina specific referrences... like Bojangles and "deep fried sweet tea"... understandably to appease the packed NC crowd. Will even mentioned that next to Charlotte (where he filmed "Talladega Nights") his favorite NC city was Sanford. If you know anything about Sanford, you understand why that is so funny. I was overall very entertained and have a huge new list of jokes to add to my repertoire.

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  1. Dang, you got to go to that show!? I heard about it day-of on NPR (I know, what a nerd) and figured all the tickets must be sold out by then. I'm glad you posted it so I can live vicariously though!


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