Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Movies

Oh how I love to watch Christmas movies. But I feel like I've been watching the same ones year after year. First, I would like to share with you some of my favorite parts of some of my favorite Christmas movies. Then, I would like to ask for suggestions on new Christmas movies. Or you can send them to me as presents. Whatever.
[Sorry some of the clips don't work on here but they do if you follow the link to Youtube.]

I want one of my family traditions to be having a dance party to this song every Christmas Eve.

And my other favorite part of Love Actually.


I love so many scenes in this movie. This isn't my favorite but those Youtube clips didn't have any audio.
Where's the Tylenol!?!?! 

This one is long. But the reason why the ending to this movie is one of my favorites is because I didn't see it for like 10 years of watching the movie. Our family tradition is to watch this movie on Christmas Eve, no matter what, so for years, I'd always fall asleep before we got to the end. Then one year, I finally saw it and the movie made SO much more sense.

Two favorite things about this movie: Kate Winslet. The music. How cool would it be to have Kate Winslet and Hans Zimmer teaming to give the background narration of your life?


  1. My favorites are kind of hard to find. "Christmas in Conneticut", "The Night they Saved Christmas". And of course a little "While you were sleeping", "You've Got Mail", "Miracle on 34th Street" (I like the new one), and "The Santa Clause" with Tim Allen. Phew, I better get off the computer and get started watching these!

  2. Our favorites are probably the Elf, Home Alone, and we like the new family one's like Mrs. Miracle(the first and the can find them at the Redbox) and Christmas Angel(used to be at the redbox, not sure anymore). We also like Christmas Shoes based off the song; but it is a tear jerker. I also love Scrooge(it's an old musical). If we watch a movie on Christmas Eve, it's usually the Elf. Our kids love Polar Express, Frosty the Snowman and Elf.

  3. I can't go a Christmas without seeing "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "White Christmas". Doing so would make the season feel incomplete. And if I have time, I too watch "It's a Wonderful Life" along with "the Grinch" (you know, the Jim Carrey version).

  4. So I just discovered "Santa Claus" a great classic (Dudley Moore is in it). I also totally adore Love Actually. My mother always asks to watch it when she is here because she knows I love it but I won't let her - I am worried she will think I am horrible! But there are so many sweet, sweet nuggets in there. A few others we always watch are Polar Express, Scrooged, the original A Christmas Carol, and the best one of all - Christmas Story. We saw Arthur Christmas over Thanksgiving. It will be a new favorite.


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