Thursday, October 27, 2011


I once tried to defend myself to someone accusing me of being a cynic but failed miserably.

You know Pinterest? Of course you know Pinterest. One of the common items pinned and repinned are cutesy inspirational quotes, usually pulled from Tumblr. If you haven't been to Tumblr to see these, you should take a look.

It is filled with wonderful gems like these:

I'll give you a moment to grab some tissues.

I know quotes can be great and inspiring. I love highlighting passages from books that are unique and gracefully worded or pretty much anything from Albus Dumbledore. And I acknowledge that not all quotes on Pinterest are oozing with cheese. But has anyone's life ever been changed from reading these random, gushy quotes from Tumblr or Pinterest? Show of hands? Okay maybe a few. I guess just not mine. Does this make me a cynic? Probably. I was running the idea of this post past Jericho the other day and he said he thought it was a good idea and that it seemed very like me. Hm. The man knows me well.

I have a heart, I swear. I just don't feel my heart is spoken to by dramatic, cliche thoughts typed over generic landscapes or a couple holding hands or a wee child holding a single yellow daisy. [For the record, pictures #3 and #6 above makes me laugh hysterically every time.]

I wanted to incorporate my own quote into Pinterest so I needed to post it somewhere first before I could pin it. Here are my thoughts on life, in Tumblr format. Please don't hate me.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!! I love it if I did the whole pintrest thing I would pin your quote because it's just too amazing not to. :-)

  2. Oh my gosh. You'd be surprised. I do graduate level admissions, and you'd be interested in how many of the hundreds of applications we get have a story about someone whose life was changed by a quote they read in a class once. I mean, WOW. There were actually some good ones though (um, a bit better than the ones you have up there :-) and by the end of admissions season I wish I had written down a few of them... so maybe someday you're life will be blown away by a one-liner :-)

  3. What ticks me off is that people on facebook who post these quotes in lieu of posting their own status. In their own words. About their own life.


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