Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time Flies

I try not to wish away the time. She's growing before my eyes. I can't wait until she laughs and hugs me back and smiles for real reasons and actually enjoys when I kiss her ten thousand times a day. The faster time goes, the faster my little baby grows. I find that I'm a little sad that some of her newborn clothes are getting a little small. And not just because they're really cute and she won't be able to wear the anymore. I love that when she cries, she doesn't have tears yet and that she hasn't blown out of a diaper and that she still loves anybody who holds and cuddles her.

The faster time goes, the sooner Jericho comes home. One month has already gone by. And in a few days, we get to hug Jericho. And then it's back to counting down again.

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  1. I sometimes catch myself wishing away time. "I can't wait until Jocelyn can (insert milestone here." Or "I can't wait until Jocelyn stops (insert annoying behavior here)."

    And then I regret wishing away time. It already goes by so fast. What a dichotomy for you - wishing time will speed by until Jericho gets back and wishing for it to freeze for Sydney.


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