Thursday, August 11, 2011


Someday I'm going to post about my delivery.
Someday I'm going to catch up everything that's been going on.

For now, I'm still lacking the mental capacity to do much of anything other than laying around and looking at my beautiful little baby. Okay so I'm watching TV too and reading some and trying to record all the baby details in my journal.

I'm also talking to Jericho. All the time. Luckily the army isn't working them very hard and I get to talk to him a lot. And text. And Skype. And email. Now is an interesting time for me because I get to brag about my new baby as well as my awesome husband. And how awesome is this picture? Those are boxes of ammo. I questioned him about the sunglasses since I've never seen them before and they aren't really his style. He says, "Oh they're ballistic sunglasses. They're supposed to protect from gunfire," all nonchalant like I'd just asked him if they had UV filter. What a cool, tough guy. And he's mine.

And in case you didn't catch the link from Facebook, here is the link to the pictures my friend Crickett took of baby Sydney last week. Crickett has taken all of my professional pictures for the past few years. If you need anything done, you would be crazy not to use her.


  1. Kelley, I hadn't seen the newborn pictures before. They are lovely! The first one, where baby is holding dad's tags...oh my! I love it! What a tender picture. I hope you got some with you and Jericho and baby too. Give us an update soon. I hope all is going well for you and family.

  2. Sooooo adorable. She's absolutely darling! When do I get to meet her?


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