Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Things I'm Learning, Part 4

This may be my last version of this post. Post-pregnancy, every moment of my day will be devoted to new things that I'm learning so it may be pointless to try to record all of those in blog format.

More things I'm learning... 

I'm never, ever cold. Ever.

"Popping out" or "getting ready to pop" are never flattering phrases.

Sitting at my desk at work all day makes my feet grossly huge. I'm thinking that's reason to self-prescribe bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. And when I say "bed rest", I mean propping my feet up by the pool and reading a book.

I'm starting to get trunky at work. I know that's missionary lingo but I can't find another word to identify how I feel. In high school, it was called Senioritis- the feeling in the last days of high school when you know the end is in sight so you don't feel the desire to really try as hard.

There is a 50% chance that I will mess myself in the delivery room. Welcome to childbirth.

When you go to the beach 8 months pregnant, it's impossible to tan the back of your body.

I'm starting to collect books and movies to occupy me during my new job as stay at home mom. Any suggestions? Will I have that much time? Who knows. But I'd rather be prepared with a stock full of media to occupy me during the quiet hours than stare at the husband-less rooms of my house. 

I daydream about hard-core workouts and eating lots of fantastically healthy foods.

Coming up to the end, my attitude towards baby stuff is becoming nonchalant when I expected it to be the complete opposite.
Am I getting an epidural? Maybe.
Do I know who will drive me the hospital if Jericho isn't here? I think so.
Have I taken my birthing class? Didn't even sign up.
Is my hospital bag packed yet? Nope.
Have I practiced installing my car seat 8 thousands times like they tell you and, if possible, drive over to the local PO-lice department and have them show me how it's done properly? Ha.
Do I even own my car seat yet? It's coming soon.
In case you're worried for the welfare of my child, I do have my pediatrician lined up, a place for her to sleep for when she comes home, clothes for her wear, food for her to eat, and enough diapers to get me through the first week [I think].

I'm hoping to rely more on common sense and my instincts as a woman and superhero to get me through the learning curve of motherhood than trying to research and plan everything perfectly. I figure the harder I try to enforce order and control over a situation that I know very little about, the more shocking life will be when it comes to game time. It's like when coaches look for "raw talent". It's easier to learn when you go in with a flexible attitude instead of 25 books of instructions that make you think you know how it's supposed to get done. They didn't have What to Expect When You're Expecting when my mama raised her kids and we all turned out smashingly.


  1. count me in for driving to the hospital if you need it! Seriously. My sister is just up the road and could help with my kids if it happened while Phillip is at work. My number is 357-0135 just in case, please don't hesitate!!

  2. Your attitude is perfect. And after your last post, I am afraid to recommend media. :)

  3. From what you said above...and well knowing what little bit I know about you...I think you're going to be a fantastic mom. I think it's great that you're going to learn on your feet rather than try and learn it all from books, to me that seems like the smartest thing you could ever do. :-) Good Luck!!!

  4. Who needs a car seat anyways? :)

    I packed my hospital bag ON my due date.
    We installed the car seat the day before my due date.
    I decided to get an epidural on the way to the hospital.
    I didn't sign up for a birthing class either.
    If you have a box of newborn diapers (80-100), you have plenty for the first week.

    Yes, being a mom comes naturally. There will be days (probably weeks) when you'll seriously be questioning that... trust me. All in all, its exhausting, wonderful, messy, and heavenly to be a stay at home momma. You'll love it.

    Oh, and you won't get bored too often. Instead of putting all of your effort into being a great paralegal, you'll be putting all of your effort onto getting your baby to smile, laugh, roll over, sit up, and teaching her to love reading as much as you do. Your baby's happiness and development will be your new goals. Enjoy every second of it!

  5. Nicely said Ross and Rachel. All I remember is the pure joy of it all. I know there must have been challenging times, but I don't remember them. I remember dad and I just looking at our babies in awe and wonder. Everything was a marvel: realizing when you could see us, rolling over, that first adoring smile that told us that we were loved unconditionally and conversely, that we loved you in the same way. I am so excited for the many wonderful experiences of motherhood (and fatherhood) that await you.

    Make sure you have a picture taken of you at this point. One day, your children will want to see it.


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