Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've made no effort to take pregnancy pictures but people keep telling me I should. So here we are. It was Jericho's last Sunday in our ward so he wore his pretty uniform to church. He looks super handsome and I look super pregnant. I'm 37+ weeks. I'm seriously longing for normal breathing patterns and normal clothes and somewhat normal numbers on the scale.


  1. Things I've learned part 1: Not really sure what to say to a pregnant woman anymore. So I will comment on the dress. I love it! Although the wearer of the dress does too!

    PS. I have something for you. Just never sure when to get it to you. I'll call/text you.

  2. Kelley you look great! By this time in pregnancy, my face looks likes I've had an allergic reaction to a bee sting or something. Your face looks so small! You really do look great! I hope she's here soon. Be sure to call us!

  3. You look pretty amazing! Both of you.

  4. You look awesome! You won't regret taking pictures of your cute pregnant self, but trust me, you WILL regret not taking them. I still sad that I don't have any picture of me pregnant with Jack. I am so excited for you that Jericho gets to be at your delivery, you go girl! I can't wait to see pictures :)


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