Sunday, February 14, 2010

Change is good?

I have a decision to make. It's huge. Crazy huge. And I need some help. 


Not just a trim and thinning out like I normally do. This last time I got my hair did, I got highlights. And it was super exciting. This time, I want to cut it. I mean really cut it. I'm serious. I think. I am not looking to cut it above my shoulder so it wouldn't be THAT short. But still, my hair is two feet long, it could use a good chop.

So. What do I do? For the past 5 years (the approximate duration that I started actually doing my hair), any public mention of cutting/trimming my hair brought on voluminous protests. It makes me feel like Jo March in that part in Little Women when she cuts her hair off to sell and Amy, the youngest, proclaims in shock, "Jo!! Your one beauty!" There have been several occasions where random strangers (women of course) comment on my hair, complement or ask me about what products I use. I find it flattering and kinda fun, mainly because I felt so hair-style-retarded for the majority of my life. I think the years of tom-boy short hair have made me afraid of not having long hair. I have had long hair for a really long time and in roughly the same style.

But, putting aside my long-hair dependence complex, let's look at the basic pros and cons of this decision.

Reasons for getting rid of the long hair:
  • It takes FOREVER to do anything to it (straight, curly, wash, comb, etc)
  • Is it juvenile? I feel like it's a little juvenile...
  • It takes over approximately 1/3 of our bed. Poor Jericho. If I lay down wrong or sit wrong or close the car door too soon, it gets caught and I'm held hostage by my hair.
  • I don't feel very "in style"
  • Change is good
  • If I want to keep highlighting it, it will be cheaper if it's shorter
  • Sometimes I feel like Guinevere or some other medieval maiden
  • It allows me to be too lazy sometimes

Problems with cutting my hair:
  • We've grown emotionally attached
  • I have thick, wavy hair and it will take a really great hair stylist to make a shorter style look good
  • I'm not entirely sure what I want it to look like once it's cut. My style options are limited and not everything I like is doable for my hair
  • I feel cliche cutting my hair post-marriage, like I'm preparing for "mom-hair"
  • At times, long hair can be easy (aka "lazy")
  • I don't have to work for "beachy curls" when I'm at the beach
  • Up-dos are easier with long hair. Not that I ever have up-dos, but if I needed to, I'd like to have the option.
  • I often hear from the stylist- not many people can wear long hair, so those that can, should.
This is a serious problem. I need all the help I can get. Should I cut my hair? If so, any suggestions on styles? This is my official year for making huge changes. It's time to change the hair!!


  1. Your pros and cons are valid. The saving of time and money is BIG. That would be my biggest reason. However, short hair cost money too, i.e., you have to get more haircuts to keep it looking the way you like it. You got your man:) I say go for it. If you don't like it, hair grows back. Sounds like you are going to have it long enough that you can still put it up in some way when you go to the gym, etc. Shoulder length can still be work curly or straight. You can look at some pics, which I'm sure you are already doing.

  2. I cut my hair shortly after getting married and I hated it. I had long hair for almost 10 years and it was too much too handle for me. I saw everyone with a cute bob and I thought that was the choice for me. Boy did I regret that decision but I'm not here to say not do it. I would go back and cut my hair in a minute in that situation but 8+ inches was very shocking! I probably would get it cut, as you suggested, to shoulder length and see where you go from there! Go luck!

  3. My 1st thoughts without reading were....."get married, cut hair". BOOO!

  4. Ok, K... I love your hair. LOVE it. But, while reading your post, I was thinking about Locks of Love donations. You could cut off 10 inches and still have reasonably long hair that won't be too much of a shock and well below your shoulders.
    Do it! Just nothing too short though...

  5. HAHA! I love not just your post but everyone's comments. I think if it's a new experience that you should give it a whirl, since you've had short hair in the past it's not NEW NEW but as an adult it's different for you. Go for it. I think you should shoot for a layered kind of could be cute :-)
    And as previously stated: if you don't like it, it's hair, it will grow back.

  6. I've been thinking about this all week and wanted to get Becca's opinion first since she's a hairdresser, but I didn't ever get in touch with her. So here's my opinion which is not worth a whole lot since I don't know tons about hair. I think some people can do short hair, and others can't. You just gotta try and see. When I had shorter hair in jr. high it looked awful, but I also didn't know how to style it at all and my hair is naturally frizzy and thick and has an ugly wave to it wasn't pretty. But I cut it again a year or two ago and liked it alright because I knew how to work my straightener. But it was harder to do a curly style that looked good with such short hair. I think shoulder length or a little longer on you would be okay, though I don't know if I'd go any shorter than that because you're hair is so thick and it has such a beautiful curl. You really do have beautiful hair. I'm always kind of in that same sort of indecisive place that you are, but I think you should try it out.


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