Sunday, January 31, 2010


One of the most sad yet delightful characteristics of North Carolina is its ability to have full on anxiety attack every time "winter weather" strikes. Having lived in Idaho for four winters, I laugh at such weather as well as those that fall victim to the panic. The snow/ice combo shut down most of everything on Saturday. Jericho and I were stuck in the apartment all day, save for a drive to the gym (50 yards away). I didn't want to mess up my running shoes. 

Church was cancelled today and therefore another full day stuck in the apartment. I decided to do one of my favorite past times from the snowy days in Idaho: Photo Field Trip. I took Jericho as my driver in his 4-wheel drive truck and went out to do a little exploring. Most of the pictures I took were with my new film camera so I don't have those yet. But I did take along my digital since 12 frames wasn't going do it for my field trip. 

Below are a few that I took with the digital. Also evidence why my husband is the cutest boy ever. I was walking around taking pictures with my film when I turned around and found Jericho doing this:

Snowman: stage one

 Snowman: almost done

Snowman: fin!


  1. That is the greatest little snowman ever! So glad you shared it :-D

  2. Great pics! very clear. You didn't 'doctor' them did you? You are pro. Ready to go into bidness?


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