Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's come to this...

It's been two weeks since I've posted anything new. Yes. I'm slacking. I have nothing to blog about. I have started a few draft posts and they're all crap. Crap. Crappity. Crap crap.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I give to you a compilation of really cool pictures that are NOT photoshopped. I know this feels like a stupid email forward, but they really are cool pictures. (From While these pictures are clean, there a few articles on the site that are not, so venture at your own risk. I mainly just referenced the link so it doesn't look like I'm hijacking someone else's work.)

Build your own Fortress of Solitude!! These are cave crystals in Mexico. It's a very fascinating phenomenon. The crystals are so fragile that the caves are restricted to humans for only a certain number of times per year and only for short intervals.

What seems like a glitch in the Matrix is actually a wire-frame sculpture. Don't believe me, go here.

What would have happened had Ray thought of a rubber ducky instead of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man and a way to completely freak out your 2 year old in the bath tub or a work of art

Stanley's dream come true. It's a ginormous crossword puzzle on the side of a building in the Ukraine. There are actual clues hidden around the city and the building lights up at night to reveal the answers. 

Hah! Get it?!?! They look like butts!! Ha!! They're actually mammatus clouds, aptly named for their resemblance to udders or other such udder-like objects that we're not going to name since this is a family show. They show up most often during really strong storms or tornadic activity. Talk about your udder disaster!! Zing!

Moments later, the car burst into skittles. I have no other explanation for this other than it's real. But only to a few people. Due to light refraction and a bunch of other science mumbo jumbo, the people in the SUV wouldn't see this phenomenon, only the people from a certain vantage point.

I've seen some gnarly stuff at the beach but I count my blessings we have nothing this satanic in North Carolina. That's a real trash can. That's a real crab. It's called a coconut crab. Designed by the hands of the devil himself.

That is a helicopter pad turned into a tennis court. On top of this (totally where we're going on our one year anniversary). And who else to play but the Swiss Maestro and the great Andre. Really? Does Dubai have nothing better to do with their gobs of money than build gigantically useless structures? I hear they also use small bills for toilet paper...

Not a fun-house mirror reflection of a regular building. Not part of a set for a Tim Burton movie. It's a tarp! Genius! What better way to cover ugly construction than to design an awesome tarp to distract people and make them feel like they're stuck in Salvador Dali's brain.

 This is much cooler if you don't know how they're doing it. But if you still want to know, go here.

I knew this guy that had the foot and a half long Mag-lite like the one cops have. His buddies called it the testosterone flashlight. I'll end the joke there. Clearly the Swiss Army lost the concept of the "pocket" part of the pocket knife since this thing so hugely useless, nothing can actually be accomplished with it.


  1. So Cool! No way are those real! I love the Duck. I need that Duck.

  2. Thank you Kelley. I was so bored tonight.

  3. I think I almost threw up the first time I saw that crab -- I was freaked.

    Have you seen the rabbit that's like the size of a... a... the really, really big rabbit? Because it made me glad that rabbits eat vegetables, not people's heads.

  4. Wow. Freaky stuff that crab! I love the coulds shaped like butts though those were fun. The tarp is pretty cool too but it makes me nauseated just looking at it lol.

  5. I'm too smart for my own good. I saw the fountain of water and thought, "it has to have support and a water supply. I bet it just has a tube that runs up it."


    Now, the wacky mirror building cover, had no idea how that worked until you said so. Those are some pretty cool pictures.

  6. Can we eat the crab? Where's my Old Bay...


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