Friday, September 11, 2009

Product Poetry

24 inches from crown to tip
with natural, yet deceptive and demanding, curl
this hair cannot run out the door
with a little scrunch
and a little fluff
oh no
one hour plus each day
in attention it requires
to be tamed
to be sculpted
resisting and fighting
and clinging to its will to frizz
product after product I've tried
with little variance in success
what solutions remain?
cut and simplify?
straighten and fry?
quarterly chopping offers temporary remedies
ridding hair of excessive straw-like bulk
but if long hair is to be kept
it needs something more
skeptical of gimmicks and shallow promises
of $20 goops and gells
on a leap of faith I found in Herbal Essences
a long term relationship
for $4 and generous applications
I have found protection and sustenance
health and longevity
and love

the time has now come
for a quarterly visit with the shears
brought only to my attention by a calendar
and, for once, not by the rebellions
of my unruly, poofy, and split-ended hair

gone are the days
of chopping dry, lifeless ends
oh yes
a long term relationship
it shall be


  1. Very nice!!
    And when I had long hair - I used it and liked it too...

  2. Perfect timing Kel! I've been so frustrated with my frizzy hair & was thinking of chopping it... but perhaps I will give this a try. :)

    PS- You are an indelible part of 9/11 for me since you were the one who came and told me to come and check out the TV because something was going on! I'm so glad that this is a more peaceful 9/11! :)


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