Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Blog Report Card

I have a super secret device attached to my blog. It tracks every computer that encounters by blog, what city, what country, what time, for how long, on what day. It's not actually that super secret. It's a little program you can get through Google called Analytics. I don't do this to stalk people. I do this for self esteem purposes only. That way when people don't leave comments and I'm sad because it feels like no one reads my blog, I can see the hundreds of visits I get per month and give myself a little smile and nod in the mirror because people really do read my blog. Or at least see it. For an average of 34 seconds.

One of the perks of my little monitor is that my blog ends up in people's searches for really random stuff. I have not disabled my blog to be taken out of any search engines. I'm not too worried about people reading about my life or stealing my stuff. I'm sure it annoys people because the same thing happens to me when I'm searching for something, only wanting legitimate sites and someone's ridiculous blog clogs up the results. I am one of those such blogs. But what makes it rewarding is having Analytics set up. Analytics keeps track of what specific search terms people have used that have led them to my little internet world. What a serendipitous blessing for them.

The following are a few of my favorites:

buy emma mascarpone cheese 16oz
minus and the chocolate touch
crying in an office and performance review
i hate wearing shoes
best of color me badd (I recognize that I featured this in a post, but it's frightening to think someone was actually seeking this out)
cutest boy in chronicles of narnia?
is tyler hansbrough getting married
mom always want us to be happy. that is why
the advantages of wearing shoes
disadvantages of wearing shoes
"ny?" "that's nw"

In other exciting statistics, my blog (mainly through random searches) has appeared on the computer screen in 36 countries. How exciting is that!?! A little piece of me has reached the life of at least one person in such places as: Brazil, the UK, Italy, Spain, India, Afghanistan, Russia, Croatia, Mexico, Poland, to name just a few. If only they would leave a comment every now and then. Then we could be pen pals. And swap stories about our countries. And then maybe I could have a free place to stay when I tour the world.

As can be expected, most of my visitors are from the US. But just how many? According to Analytics, my blog has been accessed from 38 states!! That means that 76% of the United States of America has seen my blog! Well, not quite, but that sure does sound cool. I'm sure my numbers would be much lower if I took my blog out of the search engines. But that would ruin all my fun.


  1. I have secret analytics too! And I love to check them to see who is visiting my sites. That is one main reason I went private, someone(I can only imagine it was a guy) searched for something extremely raunchy and pornographic with the name Brookelle in it and it brought him to my blog and it showed that he stayed for like 30 minutes. Sicko! I ♥ analytics!

  2. Oh wow I'm totally going to go try that now!

  3. I totally use analytics. My favorite part is looking at the sources to see whose site gives me the most referrals. I usually read your blog in google reader though, so I don't know if my visits are showing up on your analytics....

  4. *Revision*
    Thank you to Christa for introducing me to Analytics!


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