Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things

1) The first instrument I learned to play was the piano. Second, saxophone. Third, drums. I have always regretting quitting percussion when I did, therefore I'm really excited to be marrying a man who plays the drums and owns a drum set.

2) I was home-schooled my freshmen year of high school. And no, I don't have social retardation because of this.

3) I don't believe in fate, destiny, or luck.

4) I am looking forward to being a stay at home mom. That's how my mama raised us and I love her for that and my dad for making that possible.

5) I shave my legs every day and I do not plan on changing that once when I'm married.

6) I have read the Feminine Mystique. Yet I firmly believe that men and women have inherent and divine differences and roles that will always be there no matter how hard people fight to change that.

7) Ice cream and french fries are my ultimate food weaknesses. And maybe Italian food. I'm a bit of an Italian food snob. I will never order from an Italian restaurant: lasagna, chicken parmesan, or fettuccine alfredo. They taste about the same everywhere.

8) I cry easily at displays of human talent, i.e. live sports, singing, plays, dancing, musical performances.

9) My first concert was the Monkees reunion tour when I was 13.

10) My secret life's ambition is to write a book.

11) I learned to water ski and snow ski when I was 5. I have done both only about twice since that time and with disastrous results.

12) I am a Christian first, Patriot second, Republican third.

13) Throughout my life I have played soccer, basketball, softball, tennis, and volleyball. The trunk of my car occasionally holds supplies for any of the above named activities. I play in basketball and soccer leagues. My parents have been coming to my soccer games for 20 years.

14) I once spilled a burrito down my face and shirt when a boy I liked waved and walked by my apartment. Suave.

15) I am stubborn. My mother's favorite anecdote for this has to do with my potty training process.

16) I have had 3 (confirmed) broken bones - both of my thumbs and the big toe on my left foot. I did not break them all in one incident.

17) I threw up for the first time (not counting baby years) when I got a flu shot a few years ago.

18) I love history. I love stories and how things happened. I tear up when I visit historical sites. Before I studied history in college I was a Sports Med major. I aced my science, math, and medical classes. I never got an A in a history class.

19) I have admired my little sister since I was about 15.

20) I despise the terminology, "what you do for a living" in reference to someone's job.

21) I stole a car from Taco Bell in Rexburg, Idaho.

22) I struggle to maintain patience and forgiveness with public misconceptions and attacks on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, especially by other Christians.

23) I have a small library. My goal is to someday have one large enough to necessitate one of those rolling ladders. Sometimes, I just sit and look at all my pretty pretty books.

24) I LOVE playing cards. I own more than 20 different decks of cards. I am also very competitive.

25) I am marrying the most incredible man. He is so many things I never knew I needed. I hope to someday feel worthy
of such an amazing person.


  1. You stole a CAR??? I wonder how many years we will be entertained by stories we haven't heard about Kelley.

    Thanks for #4:)

  2. :0) #23 is by far my favorite...I aspire to have a library large enough for a rolling ladder as well, I also want one of those two story rooms full of books.

  3. I still can't remember the last time I vomited.


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